Friday, January 9, 2009

Favorite Christmas Gift

I have to admit, my kids' favorite Christmas gift didn't come from Mom or Dad or not even Santa despite all of the money he/we spent. It came from Nana who was inspired by all the volunteering she does at the kid's school. She wanted to give them something homemade where she put a lot of thought into it. Because my kids love arts and crafts, it was their most favorite gift this year. Check out Pottery Barn's version of the gift at $49.00...
And being the savvy shopper that Nana is, I'm sure her version was much less....
I do have to say that they play with this ingenious gift everyday and sometimes twice a day!
And I can't end this post without commenting on what MY favorite gift was, I'll give you a hint..... It has something to do with a favorite film of the 80's in which the main character's favorite candy was Reese's Pieces... have you guessed it yet?
It's funny how the smallest gifts can mean the most, holding E.T. in my hands brought back so many memories. I'm sure my mom and dad spent a few pretty pennies bidding on this lil guy (thank goodness for Ebay) but the gift of a childhood treasure is priceless. Thanks again mom and dad for giving me a small, pricy- yet tangible- treasure from my childhood. Oh, did I mention that I got the movie too! I ended the night with letting the kids watch the movie the good 'ol fashioned way, just the way I used to as a kid... in mom and dad's bed that is! The looks on their faces were heartwarming and so were the giggles that could be heard... I pictured me and my big brother Joseph laying there watching it together, life flies by.... one day the kid is me, the next day I'M THE PARENT! Scary!

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  1. You kids are so darn adorable!!! You make sure you keep mommy busy! Whenever you see her sitting down and resting it is because she is bored! Keep her going! Oh and I love the Christmas gift idea that you posted!!! Brett will LOVE it! I am going to do it for Easter...thanks for the idea!-Glenna #5