Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hi-Ho, A Merry-O, A Camping We Will Go!

One of my fondest childhood memories is that of camping out under the stars in whatever new destination my parents had driven us to. They'd pack up the good 'ol family van full of kids, blankets, pillows, games and let's not forget- even the dog, Bernard; luggage would be piled on the roof rack. She was brown, the van that is. My mother had even named her, Lucy- I believe. We'd leave early in the wee hours of the morning, darkness still filled the sky. With maps piled between the driver and passenger seat of the van, we kids knew that we had a long drive ahead but that at the end of that drive, adventure awaited us . The aroma of mom and dad's hot morning coffee enveloped the inside of the van and reminded me of just how early it was. And, as we drove down to the entrance of our culdesac, we kids would take one more look back and wave goodbye to our house. We knew our journey had just begun. That's when mom would start her singing..."Hi-ho, Hi-ho, a camping we will go..." My parents conversations were interupted many a times with the expected whining from the back of the van, "Are we there yet?" I can remember lots of pit stops to use the bathroom or to clean up dog puke. Getting back into the van to futher our drive, mom would start her singing once again, another favorite,"On the Road Again..." If I close my eyes I can still hear her. During long stretches of road, my father would attempt to entertain us by teaching us old army songs. We repeated word for word after him; something about a bird getting his head smashed in a window. We thought it was hilarious, my mother did not. Nevertheless, we were amused, until my mother would give my father 'the look.' Awww, those were the days! Little did my parents know at the time what they were doing to me. It was those childhood camping trips that instilled in me the love of nature, and the every now and then need for that oneness with mother-nature, the awareness of a Greater Being's existence. His evidence; our playground; this creation called Earth. There seems to be something healing about it all. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day shuffle of life. Being in the beauty of His creation is what brings us back to what's really important in life, what really matters. Because of my parents, I have the same desires for my children. I want them to have those same memories that I enjoyed as a kid. Whenever we do camp, a different perspective overcomes me. I am no longer cook, housecleaner, laundry maid, or disciplinarian, just mom and wife- my two favorite roles. I feel closer to my husband and closer to my children. And no matter how old you are, you're never TOO old to take a walk thru nature. John Muir, a well known author and National Park Preservationist, said it best: "Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean." I say all that to say this... we're going camping this weekend! Can you hear my excitement?! The kids are counting down the days. Although, I'm starting to think that daddy is more excited than anyone else. He keeps talking about it. Hopefully, we'll return with sore muscles, full of good family fun, lots of pictures to share, and a re-alignment of what is truly important in our life.
"The mountains are calling, and I must go." - John Muir

Friday, August 21, 2009

***NEWS ALERT*** Tooth Fairy Facing Bankruptcy!!!

Feeling the need to follow in her big sister's footsteps, Emily has popped out her 1st tooth now too! That's 2 first teeth in 2 weeks! The poor tooth fairy is going bankrupt, I'm sure. Sheeeeesh, with $20 for a first tooth, there will be no more Mejia children allowed to lose any more teeth in our home for at least for a year or two, to give the poor lady fairy a break! Before you know it, she'll be asking for handouts from Obama too!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Maternity Pics

Last week, I had scheduled some maternity pics. I'm 7 months along now and didn't want to wait too much longer, I didn't want to look too BIG in the pics. After thinking about it awhile, I couldn't remember the last time we took family pics. I think Emily was a few months old. So, our maternity session turned into a maternity/family session. I learned that Megan does not care to have her picture taken AT ALL. We were bribing her with Carl's Jr. chicken stars. This is what we got, be prepared, there's ALOT!
Matthew... showing off the final score... 4 Girls, 2 Boys!
Ben will be here soon. I'm so not ready for this to happen yet. I'm not ALLOWING him to come out yet. At last week's prenatal checkup I told the Dr. that he would probably just have to 'cut him out' when it's time, because I don't want to give him up. I'm loving this pregnancy wayyyy too much!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

$20 Pearly Whites

Elizabeth, FINALLY, lost her 1st tooth (Aug. 7th). She has another one on it's way out also. She put it under her pillow and the tooth fairy delivered a whopping $20.00! I hope she doesn't expect to get that amount every time! Oh, and the Tooth Fairy even let her keep her 1st tooth. She must have known how bad Elizabeth didn't want to give it up.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How (or what) does your garden grow?

I know it's kinda early for Harvest time, but look what we grew (kinda by accident)
We have a total of 6 of them
This is the Mama one, she's the biggest of them all, she must be pregnant! She looks sorta how I've been feeling lately!
I'm wondering if they'll last til October. If not, we just might plant some more seeds. This is the kid responsible for this
For now, we're using them as centerpieces on the picnic table. We've been eating dinners outside lately, so this will give us something nice to look at. I don't know about you but these make me feel ready for Halloween time. It's also making me want to practice with a variety of different veggies, especially zucchini. That way I can sneak it into the kids food! Or maybe even some corn...
The kids are begging mama for some pumpkin pie. I only know how to make pumpkin pie from canned pumpkin! Anyone out there know how to make Homemade Pumpkin Pie?! I don't wanna let these little ones down...
Oops, too late. Meggie doesn't look very happy! And Emily... why that's the fakest smile I ever did see coming from the kid who loves the camera! Wait....
Ah, that's better!

Ouch! Smooth Move, Smart Fart!

My cousin Mimi taught me that. I never forgot it. The kids crack up laughing when I say it. But daddy really needed to hear it cuz... While working on this... Daddy did this... Yup, it's broken!!! Do you think that stopped him? Nope, the man kept working on the roof, even after hammering his finger! That's dedication!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bed for Ben

Our newest project is this....
Can you tell what it is? It's the crib! And it used to be Mackenzie's. And we are so excited to have it. It's perfect in every way except...color. So, we plan on painting it this color
It's called Heritage Red. Its sure to look good in the boy's blue/red room. First, we dusted it off. Then we gave it a good soap and water washing
While we were outside, we watched the planes fly by. Megan got a kick out of it.
Then we played with the camera a little and took a picture of momma and her belly. I feel sorry for all those who had to drive by the house and see THAT! A very pregnant woman in a bikini top and shorts with not an ounce of shame, bearing her belly to all, in an attempt to get rid of a really bad farmer's tan soak up some sun all the while taking pictures of herself!
Speaking of projects... Look at what my aunt Nina cooked up for me and delivered.
I got this puppy a few days ago. I'm not going to share too much of it now, you'll have to check back in a few days cuz it deserves a blog post of it's own. Just wait til I tell you what it used to be!

The 3 M's- Baptism Day

We baptized Matthew, Megan, and cousin Mackenzie two weeks ago. I had planned on showing you all some beautiful pictures, but, my photographer didn't make it that day (long story). And of course I left my Canon at home because, of course, my photographer was coming. Anyways, I did manage to capture this cute image once we got back home after the ceremony. Mackenzie had already taken off the dress I made for her and Megan is nowhere to be found, so you won't get a glimpse of her gorgeous dress until I can hunt down some of our guests who did have cameras with them.

My dad sent me this one the other day...

If anybody else has any, and if you'd be so kind as to email me with them, I would be forever