Sunday, January 18, 2009

Train Days

We spent yesterday at the San Bernardino County Museum. They had a special train exhibit and we all know how much Matthew LOVES trains. We even brought our cousin along. Poor daddy had to work. Thanks to Papa for finding this event for us. Check out our day!


  1. So I'm just saying that if you ever feel the urge to invite us on your outings we would probably go missy!!!! The museum looked like SO MUCH FUN!!!!! (comment #1)

  2. oh and I have to leave anonymous comments because the stupid computer isn't taking my password. I only have one and apparently it doesn't like it! So this is Glenna of the Oliver house.....

  3. Tini,
    I love your Blog It makes me feel very connected I read it all the time . Some times I laugh and sometimes I have shed a tear or two
    I Love watching the kids grow up I wish my girls would create one.I told your Mom that the blog was a blessing to me because you have shared past memories and your making new memories and sharing them with us who do not live close anymore.Grandma LoLo is so proud of you for doing this I just know
    she is looking down from heaven and saying Thank you Christine
    for keeping the memeories alive

    And I'am sure she would follow it up with Well for Heaven sakes Dear
    they never had anything like this in my day. as for the HG giveaway
    I entered everyday last season I even stayed home on feb8th all day
    I had my makeup on at 5:30 in the morning just waiting for them to come and knock on my door I could see myself in that house I even told mimi that I was going to win
    I was so disapointed OH Well no worries I just re created this house to look like it and I'am almost there in fact I just finished a painting that I painted myself it is a large green pear
    yes thats right I said pear on black canvas.OH Tini I sure do miss you! Your Family is amazing
    this is a really long comment to make up for all the times that I haven't commented and just enjoyed the BLOG Miguel was right I WAS TO
    SHY to comment before, but I won't in the future.speaking of Miguel Grandma LOLO would always say I think he is such a nice young man
    and very handsome too.ok so much for memory lane.

  4. Nina- Don't ever be too shy to comment. You have NO idea what it did for me! I know I haven't been doing this long, but I haven't felt so much warmth from reading someone's comment EVER before. I'm so happy that you enjoy reading the blog. I love technology- the fact that I can still connect with all of you wayyy over there is pretty darn awesome. Please, urge the girls harder to start blogging. I'd love to peek in on their lives, it's an escape out of mine, hehe. As for Grandma Lo-Lo- I can SO hear her saying "For heaven sakes..." LoL. Gosh, the things I would do to hear her say that just 1 more time! I giggled out loud at the thought of you taking the day off and being all dolled up 5 am just waiting for the camera crew! Talk about confidence, huh! Well... I'm telling you now- with your decorating talent you do NOT need no HGTV house- YOU ALREADY HAVE IT!
    Perhaps the confidence runs in the family though, cuz I'm pretty darn confident THIS house is gonna be mine! Come on over, we'll enjoy a glass of wine in my backyard vineyard!

    I can't wait to see your painting. It sounds beautiful. I've been following a few home decor blogs that you would absolutely LOVE! It seems that black is so IN right now! My favorite thing is when one of these bloggy people show their thrift store find before and after their restoration. They'll take an ugly piece of something and paint it black and wallah! It's beauty right before your eyes, kinda like your house! Well... I love and miss you more than you know! Thanks for commenting- keep the comments coming!

  5. Tell your husband I read your blog! haha! My husband tells me the same thing. No one cares to read about what you taught the kids today LOL...We SO need to get together! I could see us now 10 kids with our cameras stuck to our faces! Doesn't that sound fun! Let me know when you have some time I think it would be fun!

  6. magen was so so cute In The chair