Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Reason For My Absence

It's been awhile since I've posted. Some of you have even emailed me asking if all was okay. Thank you for those emails. I appreciate your concern.

Yes, I've been absent in blogland. And yes, there is a reason for this.

You see... not all is great at the moment. Most of you know that besides my full-time mommy job, I also hold down another full time job. One that I don't like to talk about too much because it does not define me. Nor is it what this blog is all about. I am first and foremost a mom. And this blog is all about the adventures of the Great Big Mejia Family. It is not about work or careers. But sometimes the two get jumbled up and one weaves into the other. In other words, sometimes my work affects my family. It's rare; but it happens. As hard as I try to leave work at the workplace, it doesn't always stay there. It follows me home and in some circumstances leaves me feeling very sad. Hence, my non(blog)existence lately.

You see...
I am a 911 operator.
Or police dispatcher.
Whatever you may wish to call it.
We have many names, different titles, but our role is all the same.
We help save lives.
Sometimes some lives cannot be saved.
I understand that this is a sad part of our humanity. Yet, it still bothers me.
I'm trained to handle critical calls, possibly deal with death, and to accept it.
Really. Hard.

Hopefully, I will one day be able to blog (or just tell you) more about this later.
In more detail.
But that will have to wait.

I'll be back to myself and my more frequent blogging in no time at all.
I promise.
In the meantime,
I'm learning to accept the fact that...
Sometimes those who help others, need help too.