Sunday, December 28, 2008

Something Money Can't Buy

Nana the Hero A hero by the name of Nana, I know She's a funny gal, she'll put on a show! Just say the word and Nana is there Don't get in her way, don't you dare! For she'll run to her grandkids as fast as can be Volunteering in classes or rescuing me! Every so often, a papa she'll bring she'll do anything you ask, she'll even sing! Don't tell her a lie, for she's heard it all If you're good, she'll take you to the mall! So, if you're not as lucky to have a Nana, as I I feel sorry for you, cuz she's somethn' money can't buy! ~ Mama n Brianna Thank you for babysitting today Nana. And thank you Papa for hanging in there as long as you did, you survived!!! And yes, even though my family may look as big as this.... {Duggar Family} I DO still want just 1 more!!!! And then I'll stop, I PROMISE!!!

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