Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mobile Megan

If you've seen this lil girl's thunder thighs lately, you would be surprised she's walking! I'm not quite sure how she gets around without them rubbing together. Well, at least she has ONE of my traits- unfortunately it's not one of my best ones. Poor baby!
If the video doesn't work, just try refreshing your screen.

Mejia Updates

I HATE the flu! In the Mejia Home, 4/7ths of us got the flu last week, thanks to daddy who probably brought it home from work. It's created mountains of laundry for me and I think the couch has been Lysol'd a hundred times over. Luckily, (knock on wood) Megan did not get it. Poor Emily seems to have had it the longest. She's missing lots of school. Oh well, it's just kindergarten. Megan is walking now!!! She's all over the place. I will post some video of her soon. Matthew's Dr. appt last week went well. As expected, the elbow is somewhat stiff and is healing VERY slowly. The doc put him in a hard cast for another 3 wks. Elizabeth and Brianna have a piano recital coming up at the end of April. They are busy choosing which songs they want to play. Lastly, I wanted to report that I feel quite important! I was going through some of my messages that have been left and it's made me feel loved. I also saw that the owner, Jim Riley- from Riley's Farm even commented on the Oak Glen field trip post! Wow, how did he find lil 'ol me? Thanks, Mr. Riley. We will be visiting again soon. I deleted a malfunctional slideshow from that post and replaced it with photos that can actually be seen. So, re-look it over if you have the time. Oops, got to go- I just found the dog on TOP of the dinner table looking for leftovers from dinner. Hmmm, wonder if he was fed today. I'll go yell at some kids and find out. Hope all is well with everyone else.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I'm posting this now because I'm not sure I'll be on tomorrow.

Brianna's 10th Bday Party

The Ticket Booth and Emily the Ticket Collector. It's really their lemonade stand but we covered up the word 'lemonade' with towels.
The Wall of Fame
Brianna is ten today! We celebrated her birthday with a movie themed slumber party on Saturday. Each girl had to dress the part of a movie star. Brianna was dressed up as Lucille Ball. The girls were up til 3am! As you can imagine, I was not a very happy person the next day. I had gotten up 5x in the middle of the night to shush them because daddy was sleeping and had to work the next day. I threatend to cause bodily harm to them should they wake Megs up. J/K. We had a blast. Nana helped out tremendously and so did daddy. I think daddy had a little too much fun playing the announcer prior to the movie starting. The girls watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua. For me, it was more fun than work. I felt like a little kid again. Here is Brianna's Birthday Poem:
Brianna Banana
that was your little girl name
you were once in a magazine
it was your ten minutes of fame.
Doctor said a boy you'd be
Couple weeks later he changed it to 'she'
On the night you were born
the angels kissed your sweet head
I held you all night
A million thank you's I said.
What did we do to deserve little you?
Handpicked by God because He knew.
The joy that you'd bring to your father and mother,
and the leader you'd be to your sisters and brother.
No longer considered a young, little girl
To us you are priceless
The most precioust pearl.
How is it that you get better with age?
Your personality has ripened
And you look pretty in sage.
Today you are ten years old
But forever you'll be Brianna Banana
With a heart of pure gold.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Daddy Gets Presents

You guessed it! Daddy got the Ped Egg. Because of the guilt trip from the kids, I even bought him an outfit during my Old Navy visit. My dad says that everyone under 50 wants presents even when they say they don't. So daddy got to open his gifts last night and had the girls put the Ped Egg to use on him. Now when we're snuggling next to each other and I reach over to play footsies with him, my own feet won't get scratched - I know, gross, huh! LoL!
Oooh, he's gonna be soooo MAD at me for posting this pic above!
Daddy LOVES having girls!
He also got a Best Buy gift card from my parents.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Bday Daddy!

So, I've been a bad blogger lately. But, I guess I can always use the kids as an excuse. Lots of you have been inquiring about Matthew's elbow and I'm quite happy to report that he's doing amazingly well now that his swelling has disappeared. We have a doc appt. tomorrow at Loma Linda again to have his splint removed. I'll be happy when all of this doc stuff is done with! The doc will check his healing and determine whether or not he wants to put a cast on him for another 2 wks or so. I'm praying that he's gonna just leave him with a naked arm as bathing and showering this little guy is not an easy task. Oh and that's not even the worst of it, try scratching an itch. The other day I had to stick a fork in there just to give him a little relief so he'd stop dancing around the living room screaming "it itches, it itches." Thank you to ALL of you who prayed for his injury, surgery, and recovery. God is Amazing, He answers prayers! And you know how some say that it is in times of need when family gathers. My goodness, I could never repay my parents and brothers for all the babysitting they did. My mom babysat and made breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert for the other kids. Uncle Joseph helped my mom out with the girls and kept Matthew entertained by sending us pics and funny videos to my cell phone. Uncle Mikey went to the hospital with us and stayed all day with us during the surgery. It was a long, long day. Papa came all the way down to the hospital to pick Uncle Mikey up and both of them helped us when Matthew awoke from surgery and was coming out of anesthesia. That was something scary! The kid was screaming, punching, kicking, and jumping off the bed. He was confused and scared and didn't know where he was. The one hour surgery turned into a 2 hour surgery. The surgeon found that the original ligament had slipped into the joint and was preventing the injured elbow from sitting in the correct position. He set Matthew's elbow and and made him a new ligament out of his muscle and tendon. Modern medicine is pretty darn cool! Emily got her HSM bike yesterday that was promised to her. She's a little small for it, but she'll grow into it. All of the kids have had their 6 month dental checkup and I am somewhat embarrassed to say that aside from Brianna, my children have my pathetic, rotten teeth. Here are the results: Brianna- no cavities Elizabeth- 4 Emily- 7 (yikes!) Matthew- 4 Daddy's bday was yesterday. I must say it's quite sad to get older. He's thirty two now and instead of a bday cake he got leftover pie from the day before and a frozen lasagna for dinner. But he's a good daddy and he didn't complain not one bit. Hey, what do you expect when you have 5 kids to support, a mortgage to pay, no babysitter, and very little cash. LOL. I did do something a little unique though. Daddy loves horror films and anything spooky, scary, creepy- hence his favorite holiday= Halloween. So, atop of the leftover pie, I placed cupcake picks depicting several of his favorite horror flicks. He loved it! Presents? - None. Daddy said he didn't want anything but later that night some of the kids expressed to me how upset they were cuz he had nothing to open. Needless to say, I have to go buy daddy a present today so that he has a little surprise waiting for him when he gets home. Don't tell daddy but Emily said she knows just what he wants. She's been wanting to buy daddy this little gift for a long, long time now. As I was tucking her into bed last night she told me to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond tomorrow because that's where she saw it. Any guesses to what it may be? Check back later and you'll find out. I'll post a pic of daddy either opening it or using it. I'll give you a little hint though to keep you guessing: it's used to beautify a part of your body. And it's definitely not one of daddy's greatest attributes. Hehe. This little girl is turning 10 in six days! I remember my tenth birthday. It was a very big deal to me because it's the DOUBLE DIGITS! She'll be having a movie themed slumber party this weekend. I'll post the pics next week. We are so very proud of her. Friday, she'll be the proud recipient of the school honor roll award. It's tough being the oldest kid at times and this one handles it quite well. She's an amazing help around the house and I would truly be lost without her. And guess who will be 11 months old in just 4 days!!!

What did you all think of The Bachelor? That's some good tv!!! One of the best parts of a mommy's day is when the kids are all tucked into their beds and mom can sit down and relax and watch some good quality tv!!! Hey, it's educational... I've learned that some men can NEVER make up their minds! Lol!