Sunday, December 28, 2008

Something Money Can't Buy

Nana the Hero A hero by the name of Nana, I know She's a funny gal, she'll put on a show! Just say the word and Nana is there Don't get in her way, don't you dare! For she'll run to her grandkids as fast as can be Volunteering in classes or rescuing me! Every so often, a papa she'll bring she'll do anything you ask, she'll even sing! Don't tell her a lie, for she's heard it all If you're good, she'll take you to the mall! So, if you're not as lucky to have a Nana, as I I feel sorry for you, cuz she's somethn' money can't buy! ~ Mama n Brianna Thank you for babysitting today Nana. And thank you Papa for hanging in there as long as you did, you survived!!! And yes, even though my family may look as big as this.... {Duggar Family} I DO still want just 1 more!!!! And then I'll stop, I PROMISE!!!

2009- Here We Come!

I don't know about you, but I'm sooo ready for the New Year. I can't wait to see what the new year brings us. Hmmm...maybe even a new little sibling... just kidding...okay, I'm not kidding, but really, I'm looking forward to watching these little beings I've been blessed to call my children grow and blossom further and closer into who/what they will become. Slowly, we're taking down the Christmas decorations and vaccuming up the pine needles from the sad looking deceased Christmas tree. Before, I clean up all the Christmas evidence, I wanted to blog about my favorite Christmas ornaments that we have upon our tree. These are my favs...
A. Grandma loved lighthouses, this one reminds me of her!
B. This one says it all. Everyone needs HOPE, and faith, and love.
C. Not sure why, but I like it.
D. Purchased when Elizabeth started piano lessons last year, now we have 2 in lessons.
E. A gift from my friend/co-worker. Each girl received an angel with her name on it. Matthew got a train ornament which he refused to put on the tree and insisted on sleeping with it every night. Eventually, it broke from his boyish ways.
F. An angel, a reminder that we are not alone.
G. Special because it was one of our first ornaments as a married couple, I don't even know where we got it but we sure do like it. It changes color every few seconds. I'm surprised the kids haven't broken it yet!
H. Hard to see but it's a reindeer with Megan's name on it. On a recent trip to Big Bear each child got a personalized one to add to our collection. Don't laugh, but even the next baby who doesn't even exist yet got one!
And thanks to my friend/co-worker Leslie, next year you will see this one on our tree

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve found the Mejia family quite busy. While daddy was at work, mommy and the kids baked, and baked, and then baked some more. We made sugar cookies, coconut macaroons (mom's favorite), and two apple pies.

Next, we did some last minute touches on a homemade Christmas present for our little brother. The girls have been wanting to learn to sew for quite awhile. What better way than to make a gift for someone special. Homemade gifts are the best, aren't they? What's your favorite homemade gift?

From the look on his face, I would say he was one happy little boy. Wouldn't you say so?
Now, off to Uncle's house we go to share our baked goods and enjoy the Eve of Christmas together.

Emily's Christmas Peformance

Forgive me, I know Christmas is over, but I'm still playing catch up.
Emily was all smiles when it came her turn for a Christmas recital. She sang with such grace and couldn't stop looking to make sure we were watching her the whole time.
After the recital, we enjoyed a small Christmas party in the classroom. Here she is posing with 2 of her friends.
But... if you know Emily, that wasn't enough pictures, she wanted just 1 more of her in her Christmas dress once we got home.
Oh, and how could I forget? This was the homemade gift (a calendar) that she presented to mom and dad during her Christmas party.

Christmas in the Playhouse

If you look closely through the window you can see the new Christmas tree the girls decorated, they made paper snowflakes and hung them from the ceiling, daddy put lights on the outside. It's looking more festive in here than our actual house!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Grandma Got Ran Over!!!

Christmas is the time of year for each of us to spend time with family and to reflect upon the memories we have of those who have passed. Christmas makes me think of my grandparents and my sweet cousin, Jenna. I know they are all nearby, especially during this time of year. In fact, if I listen closely, I think I can still hear Jenna singing... listen maybe you can hear her too....
"Grandma got run over by a reindeer. Walking home from our house Christmas Eve. You can say there's no such thing as Santa, But as for me and Grandpa, we believe. She'd been drinkin' too much egg nog, And we'd begged her not to go. But she'd left her medication, So she stumbled out the door into the snow. When they found her Christmas mornin', At the scene of the attack. There were hoof prints on her forehead, And incriminatin' Claus marks on her back. Grandma go run over by a reindeer, Walkin' home from our house Christmas eve. You can say there's no such thing as Santa, But as for me and Grandpa, we believe. Now were all so proud of Grandpa, He's been takin' this so well. See him in there watchin' football, Drinkin' beer and playin' cards with cousin Belle. It's not Christmas without Grandma. All the family's dressed in black. And we just can't help but wonder: Should we open up her gifts or send them back? Grandma got run over by a reindeer, Walkin' home from our house Christmas eve. You can say there's no such thing as Santa, But as for me and Grandpa, we believe. Now the goose is on the table And the pudding made of pig. And a blue and silver candle, That would just have matched the hair in Grandma's wig. I've warned all my friends and neighbours. Better watch out for yourselves." They should never give a license, To a man who drives a sleigh and plays with elves. Grandma got run over by a reindeer, Walkin' home from our house, Christmas eve. You can say there's no such thing as Santa, But as for me and Grandpa, we believe."
I can see Grandma Lo-Lo shaking her head to that song too, lol! A big THANK YOU to Nana & Papa for hosting such a great gathering. Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Recital

Elizabeth had her Holiday Recital last night. She looked beautiful and put on quite a performance. After the performance, she was approached by a little boy in her class, Demetri. He brought her flowers and a hand written love letter professing his big crush on her. My little girl is growing up! Daddy wasn't too impressed! Check out her pics. Double click on the pics to view them larger.
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Women & Chocolate

It's true what they say about women and chocolate. Megan is proof!

It's a Boy!!!

No... I'm NOT pregnant again! At least not yet, hehe. With my son's curly mop head I almost forgot I had a son. He was beginning to look just like one of the girls. After lots of begging I finally managed to convince daddy that we REALLY needed to cut this kid's hair. So, while dad was at work, I did what any mother of an only son who was beginning to look a tad like a girl would do... took him for a little cut. Ahhh.... much better. There's my son again! And now I can see his Big Brown Eyes again!

Big Bear in December

We stayed in Nana and Papa's cabin, visited the Discovery Center, saw Santa Claus, looked for snow and enjoyed each other's company. You won't see baby Meggie in any pics because she was napping back at the cabin.

Bad Blogger

So, I'm a really bad blogger. I thought I'd be posting much more frequently than before but life is hectic and full of things to do; blogging has taken a backseat, especially during this holiday season. I'm going to try to do better and post some blogs a bit more often. So, standby...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008


One of my favorite blogs to read is found here where each Monday you can be sure to find a post titled NOT ME MONDAY! Today, I thought I'd join along. Try it, supposedly its kinda like therapy. Doesn't every mom of a large family need therapy? So, here we go on NOT ME MONDAY! Poor Matthew was NOT forced to go to his sister's piano recital wearing a brand new pair of oh so cute shoes that were a tad bit too small for him, no mom would NEVER do that! We did NOT drive all the way to L.A. yesterday to NOT spend the day with my little brother and definitely did NOT forget Megan's bottle. I did NOT have to go to a Target in Hollywood and have to buy her a new one. Miguel, the kids, and I did NOT meet my brother for dinner last night and order THREE pazookies at BJ's. I did NOT get in the car and proceed to take a roll call of the children because I felt like I was missing something or someone. Last week while I was NOT grocery shopping and NOT dreaming of the nice bubble bath I was going to take once I got home, I did NOT get a phone call from work saying that I was supposed to be there an hour ago! Oh and I do NOT want "just one more baby!" Ahhh, now I feel better! Hehe.

Friday, November 21, 2008

What are friends for?

While looking at some old pictures that I have saved to my computer, I came across this one. My next thought was... "where would we be if we didn't have friends we could rely on?" Friends are gifts, they're treasures. Especially if you don't have any sisters. This one friend in particular is one I can call up when I need to vent or just when I need a good cry. Even though crying together can be fun, it's even better to share those good happy times together. Like the one here. A girl's day at Glen Ivy was very much needed, so that's what we did!
Where would I be without a friend like her??? Well, I know one thing for sure, my poor Emily would be sitting in a pair of soggy peed-in pants during bible school, if it weren't for my friend, Letty. Letty, this post is dedicated to you. I love you!
Can you recall a situation/event where you needed your best friend? Where would you be without your friends? Please share!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Blogger and Halloween Pics

A day in the life of 5 kids. You learn to multi-task, here I'm
feeding a baby, doing Halloween makeup and hair, and entertaining guests!
Hi all, I'm new to the bloggy world so you'll have to bear with me and my posts. If you're a follower of the parentshack webpage I have (, you'll be happy to hear that once my subscription is up with them you can find us here in blogger instead. Because of that, you might want to add your email address in the comments so that I can add you to my faves. I should apologize ahead of time if your'e not a regular follower and you are somewhat disgusted with the Halloween decor. My husband's favorite holiday (if you even consider it a holiday) is Halloween. He's completely obsessed. Hence the zombies in the yard!
I've come to realize from reading other blogs that blogger has some benefits over parentshack like faster uploaded pics which means more frequent posts, and the best part is... it's free! And when you're a mom of 5, anything free is welcomed! With that said and as an introduction to my first blog post, here are a few Halloween pics. Enjoy, especially those of you who have been bugging, I mean asking, to see them . Thanks for following! P.S.- the pics are courtesy of my amazing friend/photographer/neighbor. Check out her website if you'd like ( Thanks again, Angel!