Thursday, February 19, 2009

Surgery on Monday

I don't know why but I keep thinking Matthew's surgery is on Tuesday. Today, I happened to look at the calendar and realized it's Monday. Crap! That's one less day I have to prepare myself. I'm so worried about this whole procedure. I know I've asked you all a bajillion times but I'll ask once more and then I PROMISE I won't ask again... Please pray for my tuff little guy and his momma too. Now to change the subject to something more appetizing than Monday... Megan. She's soooo juicy. Don't you just want to squeeze her? I know I do. Here's a pic I took of her with daddy the other day. I LOVE the way she's holding on to him. Okay, I'm off to bed. And I'm SO NOT going to forget to pray for my little guy, hope you won't either. (See how I snuck that last one in there. So I broke my promise- oh well, I have good reason. It's more like bazillion to the power of 7 times that I've asked for your thoughts and prayers. Sorry)

Riley's Farm- Oak Glen

Last week I got to attend the 4th/5th grade field trip with Brianna's class. I think I was just as excited as Brianna was about the trip. I had never been there before and thought it would be a great opportunity to experience together. Having four little ones younger than her, it's not often that Brianna and I ever get to do anything together. So, needless to say, it was an amazing day had by both of us. I think the highlight of the day was that it was raining down here where we live which means that it was SNOWING up in Oak Glen, Yucaipa. Neither I nor Brianna have ever seen snow fall before so we were extra excited for that reason. Sadly, we had to ride on different buses on the way up there and back which was disappointing. I was looking forward to sitting next to her on the trip and embarrassing her in front of her friends. Just kidding. We brought home a fresh baked apple pie to daddy and the kids. I wish I would have taken a picture of that pie; it was unbelievable! Uncle Joseph, Daddy, Kenzie, Matthew, Elizabeth, Emily, Megan, Brianna & Mommy all ate apple pie and listened to the rain outside. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.
I came across this hilarious advertisement about the farm, check it out.
We will definitely be going back when the kids are off track.

Goal Accomplished

Emily's goal last month was to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels. After a few lessons from mom she grasped it. Here's proof that she accomplished her goal. I'm so proud of her. She kindly reminded me that I promised her a High School Musical Bike from Toys R Us when she could ride on her own. Looks like I'll be spending a whopping $100 bucks on her new bike this weekend. Ouch! That's the price tag for this new shiny turquoise piece of metal with wheels. What was I thinking!? I remember making the promise but I guess I just didn't think she'd catch on to riding that quick! Next time I'll promise her something small, like an ice cream cone or maybe a happy meal. No more $100 prizes. It's too late to get out of this one; I don't want to be known as the mother who breaks her promises.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snips and Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

That's what boys are made of. At least that's what they say. Gosh, there is such a difference between girls and boys. With little girls, play time is usually quiet. There is coloring, dressing dolls, playing princess, tea parties, playing in mommy's makeup and putting on fashion shows. With boys, it's trucks, trains, and motorcycles. Sounds of "vrooom" and "boom" and "crash," running around in circles getting dizzy, fixing things with tools, playing soccer, and of course broken bones. He'd watch Toy Story 5 (million) times a day if I let him. Driving mommy crazy is what Matthew does best. But I wouldn't change it for anything. Matthew's elbow update: He's scheduled for surgery on 2/23. Probably in the morning. I won't know what time til the day before. We're hoping that he has full range of motion after he heals. He'll be in a cast for about a month and then be allowed to slowly start using the arm. I've been told that the hospital we're going to is one of the best for these types of injuries. And let me tell you, the kid hasn't learned his lesson, he's running around in circles chasing Brianna as I type this. None of my kids have ever had surgery before. Emily was scheduled to have her tonsils and adenoids removed last year and I ended up cancelling the day before. I'm a wimp! Please keep him in your prayers. And me too! I'm a nervous wreck.

Famous vs. Skin Color

Here's a cute little story I just can't get outta my head. First, I must share that my younger brother has been in a few commercials/television shows aside from his pretty cool day job. Now for the story...One day last week when I picked up the kids from school, Elizabeth gets into the car and announces that her teacher told her that this month is Black History Month. Elizabeth: My teacher says we have to write about someone famous. Mom: Really? That's cool. Elizabeth: Yeah, I'm gonna write about Uncle Mikey. Mom: Umm, Elizabeth... Uncle Mikey isn't black. Elizabeth: But he's famous... and famous is better than being black!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Party Animals

For Elizabeth's 7th birthday, we celebrated with a party- an animal party. We weren't gonna let a little rainy weather put a damper on our party so we welcomed the petting zoo into the garage. There were chickens, geese, goats, turtles, snakes, and one large puppy. It was a blast. Here's the proof:

Kenzie Girl

Living in a house with 4 little girls, I'm never without a model to photograph. However, I'm sure you've all had your fill of a Mejia kid by now. So, I'm giving you a break. Feast your eyes on this little beauty. This is my niece Mackenzie. I'm a lucky auntie cuz I'v been seeing a lot of her lately. I've been getting my Kenzie fix on! Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.... I luv me sum Kenzie Girl.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Photo Contest 3

Bubba at the Park.
This week's theme is: "The eyes have it"

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Today is Elizabeth's birthday. She is 7 now. Here is a birthday poem for her: Little Elizabeth is now a Big 7 Sweet as can be Sent from high heaven. She'd wrinkle her nose and blow out hot air All of ten months, not even a care. Born the 2nd & 1 of 4 little girls. About four feet tall with gorgeous brown curls. Her talents- you ask? A piano she plays but HA! try to figure her out, she's built like a maze. Patiently waiting to lose her 1st tooth A BIG step, a passage of youth. Brother calls her Bim-bim-bim others say Elizaberry Pie. Whatever the name, this girl is shy, shy, shy. Some advice to you boys- Should you get the chance to meet this one stay far, far away Her daddy has a gun! This is a pic of Elizabeth with her sister Emily and her 2 best friends. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth. We love you!

Monday, February 2, 2009

But I'm the Boy

Last night I had put the girls to bed early as it was a school night. Matthew was next. He's spoiled and still sometimes sleeps with mom and dad. As I was tucking him into our bed last night: Mommy: Bubba, get in bed. Matthew: Can I watch cartoons in bed? Mommy: Okay, fine. (After thinking about it, I changed my mind and didn't put cartoons on. Rather, I looked for one of my favorite shows) Matthew: Momma, you said I can watch cartoons. Mommy: No Bubba, it's kinda late. You can watch cartoons in the morning. Matthew: Please, Momma! Mommy: No, Bubba. Matthew: But mommy, I'm the boy! Mommy: What did you say? (Did he really just say that?!) Matthew: I'm the boy- so can I watch cartoons? Mommy: Yes, you are the boy! Boys are cool, huh? Matthew: Yeah! And girls are pretty. Mommy: Okay, what cartoon do you want?