Monday, January 19, 2009

Leave a Comment

Please.... don't be shy. Go ahead and leave a comment. My lovely husband was looking over our blog today and felt the need to point out that we pretty much have no readers!!! Thanks, babe. I quickly proclaimed, "it's because my LARGE group of blog readers don't know how to leave a comment and some of them are pretty shy too!" I know I have readers because I hear the sweet VERBAL comments all the time from you all. Help me prove my 'NOT SO SHY' husband wrong and comment ALREADY, pretty please!!! If you're not sure how, just look at the bottom of whatever current post you may get the urge to comment on and look for the big fat "0 comments." Click there and wallah! You'll be directed to a little pop-up that allows you to say whatever your little heart may so desire at the time. Just be sure it's PG-13 as my kids like to read this blog too! Hmmm, wonder how much I can pay them to comment (under an alias name, of course)! And you must know that I'm normally NOT a hostile person and I NEVER threaten people but...


  1. O.K. you guys.... I will leave a comment. :) I LOVE reading your blog, and keep up with it often. I'm very impressed that you make time to keep it updated. I also have a Blogspot, but if I gave you the link, you'd find my last posting from early September. How sad huh? Anyhow, keep the blogs coming. I'll be reading them for sure! :) Miss you guys.
    Tera, Danny, and the kiddos.

  2. I LOVE your blog and bug you all the time to keep it updated so I can read all about you and your family.
    So keep it up!

  3. Tera, I actually DO read your blog. The last time you were at my house you gave me the link. And you Definitely need to get on it, woman! Thanks for the comments! Now, I can prove Miguel wrong. Tell Danny "hi" for us.

  4. Hello from the L to the V, hehee
    Martin & Deanna here, soo um just to prove Miguel wrong (you know us women stick together) I read the blogs and checked out all the beautiful pictures! We kinda have too being we do not see you as much as we want too! =( We miss you much love you guys~Big hugs & Kisses~