Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A No Kids Weekend!!!

Mom and Dad escaped the demands of the household this past weekend and enjoyed a night away, we even stayed in a hotel w/ NO kids!!! I think it was our guilty conscience of leaving the kids behind because we couldn't sleep very well. We were guests of one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been to. Nestled in the green hills of the Temecula Valley was the Oaks Glen Winery where daddy's cousin, Monica, exchanged vows with her long time beau. Here are just a FEW of my favorite pics of the night.-- I think I annoyed the photographers who were busy working, I followed them around to get some pics for myself!
My sister in law baking her baby.
I fell in love when I saw this beautiful fountain.
See the 2 duckies? How cute is that!
The groom looked pretty spiffy and MONICA looked gorgeous!!!
Again, more pictures of the fountain.
I think I started having a love affair with the fountain and the ducks!
Cute baby!
Miguel and his cousin, Matthew. When I first Matthew he was as tall as Miguel's belt buckle. Now he's taller than him!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Big Bear Lake- This is a loooong one!

This trip to Big Bear was an eventful one. And one chock full of memories to store away for a lifetime. We're so blessed to have this special place to get away to. This time up there, we were able to invite one of daddy's brothers and his family.
Please know that this post took almost 2 hours to create so you better make it worth it for me and read ALL of it. ALL. OF. IT.
I think that I maybe took 5 or 6 pictures out of the 50 something I posted. The rest were taken by Brianna and my sis-in-law Aracely, so I can't take the credit for them, lol.
The first few pictures are the view on our way up there. We pulled over at a park and Bri snapped a few of these while Ewok took a much needed break. Oh, I forgot to mention that Ewok (the dog who LOVES car rides yet gets carsick) came along, we didn't have a doggysitter for him :( As in the past, I drugged him up with some Dramamine before we left. It worked before. But NOT this time. He was puking after about 10 minutes on the road. Don't feel bad for him though, feel bad for Brianna, she was the one holding him! Can you picture this...Our big ol' van decorated with dusty "wash me" sayings, fingerprints, and Mejia kids' signatures, packed like sardines with our crew of half a dozen and the family dog hanging his head out the window upchucking some yellowish gunk all over the side of our car AND Brianna! We got many laughs, honks, and waves from those who passed by us and either felt Brianna and Ewok's pain or got some sort of twisted, evil pleasure from their misery! After about 30 minutes of puking, Ewok pretty much slept the rest of the ride. Daddy squirt off the van once we got to the house, before I had the chance to snap a pic of it.
That same night, Papa took us for an evening ride on the lake. The sun was setting and it was an amazing sight to see. It was a beautiful way to start a fun filled weekend. Ben fell asleep on the boat .The next day we woke up and started some activities. Here they are, out of order- sorry. Gold mining...Ben, wishing he was older so he could find some gold too!Meggies got good at this and at the end was doing it all by herself.Emily, our fashionista. She has to look pretty at all times, even if she's just mining for gold. She got many compliments on her hat which made her happy. Uncle Rigo and VivianSee, all by herself. Gold mining was fun, but I think this was probably a tad bit more exciting for daddy and Uncle Rigo. They are BIG fans of this professional boxer, Sugar Shane Mosley. We ran into while shopping for groceries, lol. And we didn't hesitate to ask for an autograph and a few pictures. He didn't seem to mind at all and was so very nice. We also found this park up in Fawnskin.
We pretended not to see this sign that was posted at the entrance.
And we committed a crime. We trespassed, and we had FUN doing it. LOL. I think the sign was a scare tactic because there were no police, nor photos.
We also watched what had to be the shortest parade I ever did see. But it was much better than sitting at home doing nothing!
Ben liked it.
Here's where the REAL fun starts...
We went intertubing for the 1st time. Is interubing a real sport? I wonder. If not, it should be because GEEZ, it takes every single muscle in your body to not fall off that thing. I woke up so very sore the next morning.
My two good looking boys...
We took out both boats, the pontoon and the speedboat. Daddy got to drive the speedboat, which meant that our lives were in his hands...
Brianna and Uncle Rigo were the guinea pigs... They didn't seem to mind.
Daddy trying to get Bri back on the boat.
Daddy still trying.
Still trying.
We're obviously amateurs at this boating thing. We didn't realize til later that there was a ladder on the back that could have saved much trouble for both daddy and Bri. haha.
Jessica and her friend, Bella.
Okay, mommy's up next. This pic cracks me up! It shows my selfishness. So much for the mama bear protecting her cub! "Scoot over, kid. I don't know about you but I don't plan on falling off this thing." What kind of mother does this to her kid?! LOL. Since this was my 1st time on and her 2nd, I think I just had more faith that she would stay on and I not knowing what to expect would fly off. Sorry, Bri! I looked scared here but I really wasn't. I was screaming, "woohoo! Come on daddy, bring it on! Make us fall!) Brianna teaching mommy how to turn and steer so that you don't fall off.
We had a blast and I found my most favorite outdoor activity. I fell in love with this! I'm addicted now.
Thank goodness Nana stayed back at the cabin. She would NOT have been happy to see Matthew at the front of the boat. The boat that was not even touching the water!
I rode with many different people. I was being a hog and didn't want to get off.
Great, gorgeous, guys gauging gadets and giving giggles.
Ben asking Poppa in his most adorable "please Papa" face if he can drive the boat.
Papa gave in and let Ben be the captain.
I told you I was addicted! I felt like a young kid again. Having a blast is an understatement judging by the look on my face. I didn't want it to end.
Megan giving orders.
As usual.
My niece Vivian surprised me when she wanted on it.
Even Bubba rode it.
Papa, our Captain and Commander-in-Chief.
Sad.... time to get off. All good things must come to an end, so they say.
There was a little bit more to the trip that we didn't capture with the camera like one of our rituals in Big Bear, going to the village and getting ice cream at the infamous (and most expensive) ice cream shop in town. We also took the kids to "movies in the park" but we didn't stay long, it got cold and we were dog tired from being out on the boats. Again, it was probably the most thrilling weekend we've had up there yet. Thanks, Papa and Nana for the opportunities this house gives us and most of all- the memories! I'll leave you with this gorgeous pic of one of the expansive homes that dot the lake. Gorgeous, isn't it? You know me and houses, haha!