Saturday, January 10, 2009

Windy Days

Yesterday was such a windy day. It's one of the few drawbacks to living where we do; we have to put up with days like this.
Mom forced us to stay inside all day in fear of us blowing away or Matthew's asthma starting up again. Dad was at work and we were bored. So we did some piano homework.
Then we baked with absolutely no help from mom! Brianna did just fine giving orders and the cinammon bread turned about just about perfect.

While we waited for it to be done, Elizabeth read to the dog (she loves reading and will read to anyone who will listen) and Brianna started her typing lessons. Last week the kids established some goals they would like to work towards while they are off track- one of Bri's goals was learning how to type fast like mom. Mom will write more about our goals in another post.

Before we knew it, the bread was done. We enjoyed our dish while listening to some Speed Spanish tapes (thanks to Papa) ! And yes, I said 'tapes' as in cassette tapes! I guess some people still have those things around! And all of this on a FRIDAY night! Those 'going out days' are long, long gone :(


  1. Your kids are so cute!!! It must be amazing to have kids like this !!!! :)

  2. Your dog is cute it was funny when your daughter read to the dog :) I think that it must be hard to raise 5 kids!!!! And you want another one? But I understand Kids can bring such joy to your life :) :) :) :) !!!!!