Saturday, January 10, 2009

They're coming!!!

Megan's two bottom teeth that is. All of my babies get their teeth pretty late and can't seem to grow some decent hair until about 2 yrs. So, I wasn't suprised that my lil toofless 9 month old baby is just now starting to sprout some pearly whites. You can't quite see them here in this pic, but I took a peek inside her mouth and saw 2 white specks. She's had fever for the past 2 nights, a runny nose, and has been somewhat irritable. But... at least she's achieved 1 of her goals! Now if I can only get the other kids to work as hard at attaining their goals! Oh, and any suggestions for growing that hair??? I want her to look more like a baby GIRL! And now for some Q&A.... Q: What can be worse than teething? A: A big brother who just doesn't understand that you're not feeling up to par and you just wanna be left alone! Poor Megan!!!

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