Friday, March 25, 2011

On Strike!

I'm soooo tired of laundry and cleaning house. Sometimes, I do 5 loads a day and the mountains of laundry look like they've barely been touched. And making beds? Psshhh. Forget about it.  I gave that up a very, long time ago. It makes no sense to make a bed (especially when you have as many kids as I do) only to get back into it the same day! Really-- think about it? That's a waste of a very valuable 10 minutes I can use somewhere else in my day like hiding from the kids in a coat closet or on better days maybe even reading to my children because we all know how important that is.  And the dirty dishes are killing me!!!!  There's always a mess somewhere. When I'm busy cleaning up one mess, I turn around to find my sweet Ben or another one of my children has made another! Why do I even try? I'm officially going on strike! As of right now!

This morning, I came across a quote by a woman I have grown to idolize, Erma Bombeck:

"Housework, if you do it right, will kill you. No one ever died from sleeping in an unmade bed. I have known mothers who remake the bed after their children do it because there is wrinkle in the spread or the blanket is on crooked. This is sick. There’s something wrong with a mother who washes out a measuring cup with soap and water after she’s only measured water in it."

My response to her:


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A little early for a NOT ME MONDAY

but I had to share!

I was NOT getting ready for bed the other night and excitedly pulling back the covers on my bed with a devious grin because alas the most favorite time of my day had arrived! I did NOT pull back my sheets to find a whole weenie waiting for me! And it was NOT the kind of weenie you all are thinking of!!! Get your dirty little minds out of the gutter, bloggie readers!!! (I'm talking about a hot dog weenie.) I still am NOT sure how that got there or even how long it sat there. I surely do NOT remember it from the night before, but then again by the time bedtime arrives I can hardly see so by all means it could have been there for a whole week. But no worries, it did NOT have fuzz on it.
Yesterday, I did NOT decide that Matthew's hair was looking kinda bushy and could undergo a cut of some kind. I did NOT decide that I was NOT gonna waste my hard earned money on a haircut in a fancy shmancy salon or barber shop when surely I could do it myself at home! Mind you, I have NEVER taken  haircutting/cosmetology course of any kind. Mind you that I have mostly girls and am NOT sure how hair clippers even work. I'm sure you know where this is going... I did NOT almost make my kid bald by  accidentally using a 1 instead of a 4 when cutting his hair!


I did NOT start crying! I did NOT repeat to him and myself, "Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God. What have I done?!!!! Get a hat and get in the car, QUICK!" I did NOT drive like a bat out of hell to SuperCuts. The haircut lady did NOT laugh at me and she did NOT have to fix my attempts. I did NOT feel like the worst mommy ever. I could NOT resist imagining him getting made fun of by cruel, mean kids at school the next day and how that might screw up my kids self-confidence and surely damage him for LIFE! I did NOT make both him and myself feel better by buying him NOT one but TWO new pairs of shoes so that at least his feet would look decent! HE most surely does NOT look like an army recruit right now.

I was NOT running behind schedule last night with dinner and baths. It was NOT 9:00 when the little ones finally got into the bath. Benjamin did NOT sneak a mini stapler into the bathtub last night. Megan did NOT find it and pinch her little pinky with it. She did NOT need a band-aid at almost 10:00 pm because surely she was fast asleep in her warm bed. I was NOT thinking, "where the hell is my husband when I need him? I do NOT feel like a single mother when daddy's at work or worse - like the little old lady who lived in a shoe she had so many kids she didn't know what to do!"  Her pinky looks fine by the way so stop worrying.  I did NOT come downstairs after the kids were in bed to find Ewok on top of the dinner table munching their uneaten dinner. I did NOT picture my foot on his rear and his little doggy body flying through the air like this...

Okay, I did. But don't worry. I didn't really do that! I love that damn loyal dog. I did NOT ditch the gym last night and instead have a nice chilled glass of wine prior to going to bed.

Megs did NOT just remind me that she got a boo-boo last night in the shower and the ONLY thing that would make her feel better was a piece of chocolate (smart girl, eh? Takes after her mommy). She did NOT just bring me this Easter decoration that my father bought me last year and tell me to "open please."

 Something tells me she's thinking it's one of these chocolate candies!

I am NOT 13 days late on Brianna's birthday post!

Sigh. I need another glass of wine. And thanks to Meggies I'm craving some chocolate now, too- 

Monday, March 21, 2011

So I'm about 3 weeks behind in posting...

But this one post is very important to me so although it's late, it still holds its value.
 Happy Birthday, Papa Bear.

Without you, the Great Big Mejia Family wouldn't have been possible :p

Without you, I would have never learned the important lesson that the world will still continue to turn even if a child falls asleep without brushing his teeth, with sticky hands, a dirty face, and/or mismatched clothes. 

Without you, I would never know what true love is.

Without you, I'd be walking through this hectic, chaotic life all alone.

Without you, I'd have nobody to build me the many things on my Honey Do List. Things like this new project!!!!

I couldn't have found a better partner!

Happy Birthday, Papa Bear!

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip. ~
Author Unknown

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Can I vent for a minute?

No, you say?

Too bad. Here goes...

I'm in a mood. Kinda a grumpy one. I feel so stressed out lately. I feel like I have way tooo much weight on my shoulders. I hate venting. I feel silly venting. Probably because I know that I cause most of this stress myself. I take on too much. I hate saying no to people. I do. Although, I feel silly venting and I know that I probably shouldn't be complaining because I am the cause of it all, I'm still human and I'm allowed to vent. It feels good to get it all out there. I feel like if I would just learn to tell people NO then I could probably reduce my stress and responsibilites by at least 40 percent. So, that's on my list of things to do/learn. Learn to say no. I'm not Superwoman. Some may think I am, and maybe this blog is a big facade and perhaps I make it look easy. But, it's not. It's not easy at all. I have to stop doing favors for other people because it takes me away from my kids and they are my primary concern right now. It's not fun to have a mom around when she's grumpy all the time.

Plus, all the time that I spend doing things for others, I could be spending on my own house too! My bathrooms smell like a dirty men's gas station bathroom. Thanks to Matthew. He cannot aim well at all! Especially, in the middle of the night. I don't even know why I clean it because an hour later there will be pee puddles all around the toilet.

I'm going on very little sleep lately too. That's probably why I'm so irritable lately. Oh, speaking of bathroom issues.... if Megan will just make up her little mind if she's potty trained or not, that would help too! One day she goes potty all day long, the next day it's back in the diaper! Ugh!!!! And another about this girl is her makeup fetish. I have so many makeup items MIA. I have replaced 3 mascaras in the last month. I can't take it anymore! I don't even wear makeup on most days but every now and then when I'm feeling kind blah, I'd like to put on a little something to make me feel a lil feminine. But who knows where it's at! I try buying Megs her own makeup but she loses that too! Now, she's got Ben into this little habit. I found him playing with my blush twice within the last week. BEN... you are a BOY. a B-O-Y. That means NO make-up mister!!!!

My toothbrush. I swear somewhere in the deep dark abyss of this house lies a Bermuda Triangle. Maybe it's in the closet where I hide to eat my chocolate. I'm not sure, but I know when I find it, I will also find the thirty something toothbrushes that I have bought and one of thoses six kids have lost the same day! Stop using my toothbrush in your beautiful plaque filled mouths. You have your own!!!! I don't use your toothbrush and then throw down when I'm done next to the dirty toilet with pee puddles all around it! Yet, you all seem to LOVE to do it to me!!! Leave my stuff alone, pulllleasse!

My wonderful husband bought me a camera lens I have been wanting for a long time. I used it for a whole 30 minutes when Megan dropped it and broke it.

Elizabeth and her refusal to wear any kinda pants BUT skinny jeans! It's killing me! You should see our laundry baskets. It's scary. I can't keep up with all the dirty clothes these kids or husband create. That means skinny jeans will NOT be available everyday, child!

Gosh, is it too much to ask for a clean house and my clean car!  I'm tired of vaccuming the car to just find goldfish crumbs all over it seconds later. I'm tired of vaccuming the family room 3x a day. Just remember this children, next time you want a nice warm meal!

Oh, and just so you know... I complain, but I LOVE my children. All six of them. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I Just needed to vent.

And I feel much better now!


P.S.   Ewok- stop eating our shoes!!!!

Father Daughter Dance- 2011

This year's Father Daughter Dance had a sock hop theme. Mama whipped up some poodle skirts. I found a pattern online and seeing that I was not in a sewing mood, I put it off til the last possible minute. Boy, was I surprised when the skirts took only about 15 minutes each to make. I was procrastinating for nothing. I felt like a fool! The best part is... they cost me only $12 total to make.

In the days leading up to the dance, the girls were so giddy. Especially, Emily. On the day she received the flyer, I picked the kids up after school and she ran as fast as she possibly could up to the car holding the hot pink paper and shouting out, "This is it! This is it! This is the day DADDY's been waiting for!!!!! "

What on earth was she talking about?!!!


Judging by the past conversations about this long awaited day and the look on her face, I think this is the day that EMILY's been waiting for. But I wasn't gonna bust her chops!

"You bet your bottom dollar that this is the day your daddy's been waiting for. We gotta call him at work as soon as we get home. He's gonna be soooooo excited!"

Once we got home, Emily decided to write him a letter instead. She left it out for daddy to find when he got home from work. Being the mommy that I am, I called daddy up and gave him fair warning that he MUST be on the lookout for an important memo!

Here's what it read:

To: Daddy     From: Emily
Dear Daddy, We have ben (been) waiting for this day. The year went by so fast. Open this note and you will be exided (excited) just like me. I hope you like it. And I hope we can go.

Who could say no to that! Daddy worked his charm on the boss and was given some time off to attend this very important event. When he asked Brianna if she was coming too because after all, this is her last year in elementary school and she would never get to do this with him again, her reply was, "no thanks, dad." He tried putting the guilt on her but it wasn't working. Apparently this just isn't cool anymore when you're a 6th grader. Elizabeth was in between wanting to go with daddy and being embarrassed. She told daddy that she would go but only because her friends were going! Poor Daddy. He's losing his little ladies already. But alas, he still has Emily (for hopefully awhile longer) and Megan too!

Can you tell by this pic here that Emily still loves her daddy. Ahem (Brianna, if you're reading this.) Ahem.

Somebody was getting a little jealous and didn't want to share his daddy.
Gotta give Ben some love too!
 Don't worry Ben, just wait for our Mommy/Son dance. We'll make daddy jealous!

LOVE daddy's face in this one! 
You didn't think that was the end, did you? You know me better than that! Of course, I waited a half hour before sneaking over to the school and stealing a sneak peak of daddy with his girls. I was very stealthy and hid behind some of the extra large daddies that were there. I didn't take any physical pics of them together only some mental ones. I wouldn't want the girls to find out later and get mad.
But I did get a few pics of the decor.

They had a blast and Emily   Daddy was overjoyed that the day finally arrived! 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Em's Wedding

A peek of my fav's from yesterday's wedding...

Monday, March 7, 2011


Today, in between cleaning my camera, making dinner, and reading my emails, I tried my best to entertain DangerBoy but it just wasn't enough. He wanted more than that. So, I opened up the back door and followed him around the backyard while he looked for something to destroy play with. It took only about 3 seconds to find something interesting...

Dangerboy decided to see if there was a way he could squeeze himself under the pool fence; then he realized he was being watched by his momma.

He followed his Momma into the house to check on dinner and grab a better camera.

After that, he found Ewok's doggie leash and spent a good five minutes trying to figure out how to hook it up to his overalls. This gave his momma a pretty good idea of how to control this kid in public settings. I just might be in the market for a doggie kiddo leash.

The sun was starting to set and momma knew it would make for some pretty sunkissed pics. While he played with the leash, momma played with her camera.

I often wonder what's goes through this kid's head sometimes. He does the funniest things. Like eating the Yankee Candle Potpourri Tarts that his momma thought she hid from him hours earlier.

He loves to munch on those. Those damn things are expensive! I can't imagine they taste any good either. He makes yucky faces but yet continues to eat them. I don't get it.

He managed to wiggle out of his overalls and then ate some more.

Until his momma took it away, again.
Hmmmm....what does this door behind the fireplace lead to? A secret passage way, perhaps? Maybe some hidden treasure?

Nope. Just some boring firewood logs. Oh, and my sissy's make-up mirror.

You'd of thought he discovered the jackpot by the look on his face when he found that. Okay, enough playtime. Dinner is finally ready and both Dangerboy and his momma have to go.

But before we do, Dangerboy squeezes in a few push-ups to impress the lady behind the lens and to win a kiss or two. It didn't take much. He already owns her heart. But, shhh... don't tell him