Monday, February 27, 2012

The plague, Big Bear, Happy Bday Elizabeth

Two weeks ago, I thought I was gonna die. Okay, maybe I'm being a little dramatic. You know what?! I'm NOT being dramatic in the least! I had pneumonia and I swear I thought death was right around the corner! And to top that...four out of six of the kids were also sick w/ coughs and fevers as high as 102 degrees. Thank God for my Nina who graciously took the 2 healthy ones out of the house for the weekend.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

One Smart Kitten

Don't forget to click on the post under this for more pics of the nursery.

I'm so embarrassed to even blog about this but it had to be documented!!!! I am sometimes blonde. I sometimes do corny things. I behave like an airhead, sometimes.

The Nursery Reveal- Part 2

So here are some more pics that I promised (better late than never).
Sarah showing how hard we're working, haha.

Ben likes to help daddy but loud noises scare him!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Misisng Tooth & The Nursery Reveal- Part 1

Before I start this nursery post, I have to brag about Emily. Such is our life... Emily... always on a constant mission to find a very important something that she has misplaced; something so important, so valuable, that she's hidden somewhere so well that not even she can find it. My very beautiful, easily distracted, very forgetful child is trying her best to make baby steps towards 'change'. And although they are very, very tiny baby steps, she is still taking steps nonetheless. I need to remember this, especially when I start losing my patience! With that said, remember the tooth?
You know, the one from last week?
Well, it turns out that Emily placed the tooth in a little plastic sandwich baggie and put it under her pillow so she wouldn't lose it.

Then...  she lost it.

She forgot where she put it twenty minutes prior.

She retraced her steps and still was unsuccessful in finding that damn little yellow tooth.

I gave her 10 different suggestions of where to look. Each time she ventured off to search in said spot, she would return to me even more upset and discouraged than before. Finally, right before I was about to start pulling out my hair give up, I suggested she look under her pillow.

Instantly, she broke out in smile. A very guilty, gosh I feel dumb looking smile. Because, then she remembered she put it there, so she wouldn't forget. She excitedly ran upstairs never to be seen again for the rest of the evening. 

I, for one, enjoyed the last few minutes of peace and quiet before I tucked myself into bed. Taking one last sip of my red wine, I re-lived the last thirty minutes of tooth finding chaos and enjoyed a quite moment of boasting. Proud of myself for saving the night. Thinking to myself .... "God, I'm good. No daddy on earth has mommy skills like that. I am a hero. At least for tonight!"
Okay, that' not really what I thought... I really thought to myself, "SH*T (pardon my french), why didn't I think of that damn'd  pillow sooner? I'd have saved myself and her a whole lotta crying!"

Okay, on with the nursery reveal....