Friday, April 23, 2010

You Know You're a Mom When...

One of my favorite blogs to read is Jennifer's. Today she posted this and I couldn't help but to post it here too. How true this is. Feel free to play along...

Your ring tone is The Wonderpets "the phone, the phone is riiinging"

You sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat until your voice starts to crack

You've uttered "don't poop in the tub, please", "please don't throw my phone in the toliet", "cat food is not people food" and "it's not uh-oh when you throw it"

You get excited to go to Target by yourself

You can't turn off mom mode at work

You can find diapers and wipes in almost every purse, diaper bag, room in the house, and glove box of the car.

Gold Fish crackers & Cheerios have become permanent fixtures in your couch cushions

Sleeping in on the weekend means waking up at 8:00 am - and staying up late means you didn't pass out at 9:30 pm

You can baby-proof grandma's living room in under a minute

Every meal you eat is shared

Tiny people bang on the door when you try to go to the bathroom in under 30 seconds

Here's Mine...
When 10 seconds of silence sends you on some wild investigation searching for the little monsters because silence can only mean one thing. Something is wrong, something is VERY wrong!

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's been awhile

since I've posted. I've started another course in school (luckily I'll be done with this school crap in June) and with working and kids and husbands and laundry and cooking and cleaning and birthday parties and Easter, there's just never enough time! I did manage to take a few pics over the last several weeks that I wanted to share.

Lately, Matthew has been wanting to do his own hair for school. Don't laugh.

"I'll do it by myself," he insists. Now, normally I'd be very okay with this as it gives me more time to donate to something else that needs to get done. However, the problem is this...

He proceeds to comb his hair "just right" (his own words) making him look like a doofus with a sorta Eddy Munster thing going on. 

And why he has to have it above his right eye I do not know, but whatever you do, DON'T ATTEMPT TO MOVE IT! It will make him mad, very, very mad. If we stayed inside our home all day I would be more inclined to accept this latest fad, I so hope it's just a phase. But, the kid wants to go to school like this! 
What to do?!  Here's how it went one school morning...
"Wow, Matthew who taught you to do your hair like that, you look sooooo handsome?"
Think quick, Christine! (And keep in mind that the first five years of a kid's life are the most important, his self-esteem is developing and growing and don't hinder that.) Matthew smiling, "did, cuz I'm cool." Well.... it looks like he's got the confidence thing down (like daddy!), but I know that it will break his spirit if I try to change the hair. Plus, school starts in 13 minutes and I still haven't packed his lunch. Ugh, I don't have time for this today. Thinking of my son's wants and his need for individuality and independence, I allowed him to, reluctantly, very, very, reluctantly wear his hair in this absurd manner for a WHOLE 2 days. But a mother has needs too, and I needed to feel like all of those other 'cool' moms pulling their well groomed children out of the minivan and walking them into class weren't staring at my kid and then at me thinking, "what the heck, lady?!" After 2 days, I couldn't take it anymore and bribed him to let daddy cut it.  Daddy got the clippers out and Matthew got not one, but 2, fudgesicles!
That's much better. At least, for now, until the next weird idea this kid gets! 

Remember my family from Ohio who made me this, well they came out to California to visit and spend Easter with family. It was sooo nice to see them. I got to visit with my little cousins who are my children's ages. Oh how I wished we lived closer. My aunt Debbie is a cool, crafty, hands-on play with your kids and treasure them kinda mom, and I can totally see myself hanging out with her if we lived closer. I wish my grandparents were still alive. They would have loved to see all of the grandkids and greatgrandkids playing together. They had a total of 17 grandchildren. Imagine that, 17!!!! My childhood memories are filled with amazing holidays full of cousins, lots and lots of cousins. With us having 6, one more than my grandparents had, there's a good chance we may have 17 (or more) grandkids running around our home one day. I remind Miguel of this often. For some reason, he doesn't look as excited as I am about it, lol.  Anyway, we had an Easter egg hunt with the kids. My dad came over bright and early and hid the eggs throughout the yard (thanks again, dad). I'm sure grandpa and grandma were there, watching from above.

Then we had a bbq one night before they left. Good times.

And look who just turned 2!!!

When I'm at work, daddy is home watching ALL six kids. Lately, Papa has been surprising daddy and popping in unexpectedly to kidnap the older kids away fromt the TV and take them on some wild outdoor adventure. It gives daddy a break and papa some bonding time with the grandkids. I only wish I wasn't working because I'd be going along with them on these day trips. Here's some pics of when they went to Marshall Canyon up in the LaVerne area. The kids loved it and Papa was camera happy that day. Emily collected a bunch of rocks and sticks to take home and clutter decorate mama's house.

Matthew got to go along on this trip to Mt. Baldy.

And here is a random picture of my little man just so I can show him off. Isn't he getting more and more handsome, I think so.
Okay, that's it for now. Hopefully, I can find some more time around here and post a lil more frequently.

"How can I control my life when I can't control my hair?" ~Author Unknown