Saturday, January 10, 2009

Off-track Goals

We're off track til February and now that the holidays are over with mom doesn't want to hear any "I'm bored" comments coming from the little ones. As a kid myself, I remember my dad making my brothers and I write down a list of goals that we wanted to achieve. So I'm now making my kids do the same, they can thank their Papa later for this, hehe. These are the goals that they've come up with: Brianna: Learn to sew Learn to type (fast) Elizabeth: Learn to sew Read more books Emily: Learn to tie shoes (She hopes to gain membership into the 'Shoe-Tying Club' at school) Learn to ride a bike Matthew: Bug sisters (Just kidding, he's a tad to young to understand the goal concept) But if he was going to choose just one I would hope it would be to stop getting hurt! (This kid is accident prone lately, did you notice the mark under his eye in the last post) Megan: Grow teeth Grow some more hair Daddy: Please mommy Teach kids some Spanish Please mommy some more Mommy: Teach kids some Spanish Have 5 more babies within the next 6-8 years Disclaimer: The above blog post contains (baby) jokes that may not be funny to some (ie- grandparents) but sure as heck are funny to the author. As a general rule of thumb, you may want to take 1, maybe 2, okay- perhaps 3, small baby aspirin prior to reading. Hmmm, perhaps I should have posted this at the beginning, oops!

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