Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Letters to Africa

I remember when I was still a young kid, about elementary age, I had a penpal from England. We exchanged a few letters and a few coins from our respective countries. I remember being sooo excited because I had actually received some mail! I felt important! It was fun getting to know another kid, I learned some things about her life and her country. I also learned the art of writing letters. I want my children to experience this too. No emails to be exchanged, just good old fashioned letter writing! Writing letters to a friend far away can enrich a child’s life and at the same time teach them about someone else's culture and traditions.
Sooo, I found this organization. I have been writing a few emails back and forth with one of the reps there and we have agreed that we would begin exchanging letters with children in Ghana, Africa. I am so very excited for my children to have this opportunity to learn and be inspired by another child.
Tonight, we sat down and wrote our first letter. Then we brought out the globe to figure out just how far away this place, Ghana, really is. Let's hope each kid gets a letter in return.

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  1. What a nice gesture and learning experience for the kids. I had penpals also when I was younger and anxiously waited for the mail to arrive. I also wrote to people in the service and still carry their pictures in my wallet. I learned alot about different cultures and made friends through letters. I loved writing to each and everyone of them and even got to meet one in person. The kids will for sure get letters back and like you said both will enjoy them and they are learning at the same time. SHHHH!!! Great idea Christine! Hugs & kisses to all, Auntie Lynn
    P.S. love signing that! LOL!!!