Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kids and Chores

Do you have kids? I do, 6 to be exact.
Are they off on summer break, driving you nuts, making messes around the house, complaining that they're bored and there's absolutely nothing to do despite the fact that there's a big whole in the ground coated with pebbletech and filled all the way to the top with water? Mine are!

That is until I discovered the best website known to any mother with 6 kids who need something to do! I was sure it was created by a WOMAN of six small children until I discovered that it was actually created by a MAN of six small children! Yeah, Go figure! This website encourages your children to help with chores around the house all while earning points that can be redeemed for rewards. I even have Megan, my 3 year old doing this!!! It's awesome. The creator of this site is also a Certified Financial Planner and wanted to teach his children the true value of a dollar. How cool is this?

It's user friendly; it took me only about 5 minutes to create an account and learn to navigate throughout the website. Plus, the children each get their own password to login so they feel like they have this super big secret that only they know. They love taunting and teasing each other with the super secret password that they can't share with anybody else on the face of the planet; whatever makes them feel important haha. So, what are you waiting for? Go, click on the link and get started already, post some chores for those lil slaves, errrrr.... I mean.... children! Before you know it, you'll have your feet kicked up on the sofa, a glass of ice cold lemonade in your hands and six or however many children you may have running around the house like chickens without heads doing chores and then begging for more! Oh, wait. I forgot to give you the link. Silly me.

Real quick and totally off the subject, I HAVE to blog this real quick conversation Matthew and I had while I was telling you about this chore site. It's Hilarious.

Matthew: "Momma, how old was Ben when we got him?"
Me:(as I chuckle under my breath) "Ummm... he's not a puppy Matthew. He's a baby, so he was a newborn when we got him."
Matthew: "I know he's not a puppy. But how old was he?"
Me:"Uhhhh, Zero. He was Zero years and zero months and zero days. He was only 1 second when we got him."
Matthew: "Oh." (followed by 5 seconds of silence, then...) "How old was I?"
Me: (Silence. Too dumbfounded for words, I guess. Followed by a blank stare at my child's inquisitive self. Sigh. This is gonna be a looooong summer day!)

Sorry, just had to share! So, I know what you're thinking. "Cute lady, but give me the damn website already, my house is a mess!" Okay, sorry. I just got sidetracked by my curious kid. I love the age he's at. Five year olds are so fun to be around. Never a dull conversation. Okay, I'm done rambling.
Click Here and you can kiss me later for it!

P.S. - I am not getting paid to promote this website. I wish I was. And I forgot to mention the best part of the whole thing, IT'S FREE!!!!


  1. Im sooo Gonna do this thanks for sharing

  2. Wow now this is really weird a friend of mine was just telling me about this website too. Her kids like yours are psyched and looking for more to do!!! What a great site, the kids learn,clean,earn points and have fun doing it! Are we sure a man thought of this??? Just kidding guys! Matthew is too cute with his questions. Have fun kids and enjoy it while you can Christine they may become bored with it too soon! Hugs & kisses to all! Love, Lynn

  3. Thanks so much for this recommendation! I loved the site and I've already set up an account!