Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mental Note To Self

If you wanna go to the beach to see tidepools, you MUST go during LOW tide.

Obviously, we didn't see any tidepools.

But we did manage to...

Get a few cute pics of Ben wearing my sunglasses,

and snap a pic of a rare moment of a tween smiling,

and we danced with seaweed,

and laughed at ourselves,

and chased a few waves,

 and laughed some more,

we watched Matthew build a few sandcastles,

and mommy watched daddy watching her,

and some of us collected seashells.

cuz after all, isn't that what you're supposed to do when you go the beach to see non existent tidepools!

The only thing that coulda been better besides a tidepool or two

Would be to have Elizabeth's foot in this picture too!

Instead, she tagged along with her BFF to a Dodger game!


  1. Sorry you guys didn't get to see any tidepools maybe next time. I love the seaweed dancing and Ben looks like a movie star for sure! Brianna is growing into a beautiful young woman and takes very nice pictures too! Glad you got to gather some sea shells and enjoy the ocean and sun together. Laugh and play as much as you can and make beautiful memories of times spent together. Love the foot photo too! Hugs & kisses to all, Lynn

  2. Where did you go to see the tide pools? Dont feel bad about forgetting low tide, we went at "low tide" while in La Jolla but the surf was so huge we didnt get any tide pools either. So much for tide charts.
    And my dear, why did u go to the beach looking so hawt?! You always wear a gorgeous dress to play in the sand? Ur nuts. Beautiful, but nuts. ;)
    P.S. Tried 5 times to post & got bounced back to Google sign-in each time, I love this blog ;)
    Love Em

  3. Oh Em, you are so loyal!!!! Thank you for trying umpteen times to post a message. You LOVE me, don't you!!!!

  4. Select Anonymous under profile. It doesn't prompt you to log into Google.

  5. I eventually clicked "anonymous" to post, thats the only way it got thru, just had to try google first, just for the heck of it,, again, and again, and again,,, ;)
    P.S. Yes, of course, I DO love you!

  6. it seems to me like you had the perfect day. Look at all of those beautiful smiles and the fun everyone is having. Tide pools or not it looks like everyone had a blast and enjoyed their time together as a family. Isn't that what its all about? Family? You all look so happy even mommy has a smile and a cute dress. ;) Rj