Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Lynn

I’ve authored many of birthday posts on a this here blogsite. But I have realized quite some time ago that I have failed to celebrate or even announce the birthday of one very, very important blog reader. So here goes…

Dear Lynn,
Did you know today was your birthday? Well, it is. We, in the Mejia home, don’t know your true birthday and so we have taken it upon ourselves to officially designate today, Monday- July 11, 2011, as your birthday. Happy Birthday!

(Do you like vanilla?)

Obviously,  millions of blogs exist on the Internet, today. And I confess mine sometimes isn’t the most amusing and entertaining out there. Yet, you still keep coming back, day after day. Your loyalty humbles me. Your continued patronage from even the Parentshack days encourages me to keep writing because I know that at least 1 person somewhere out there is reading!!! You are frequently the first to comment whenever I post anything, even the most boring of posts. I deeply appreciate your support. Although we don’t know much about you, we’re quite aware and thankful that you know just about EVERYTHING about us. Your continual comments keep me connected with you and I truly feel that you are an actual long lost auntie to my children and true friend to me! Happy Birthday, Auntie Lynn!!!!


  1. OMG Christine you made me cry. i can't thank you guys enough for the birthday wishes and the cupcake and yes I do like vanilla. My real birthday is November 13th but this birthday really tops some of my past ones. My Mom passed away 2 weeks ago and I am still at a loss for her. I loved her dearly and miss her each and everyday. I know she is my own very Special Angel & I pray I can carry with me all she has taught me and that I have learned from her. This bldg made me so very happy and came at a good time for me. I love you guys very much and look forward to all the pictures and adventures. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart words cannot express how I felt reading this. God Bless. Love ,Lynn

  2. I read it, great blog and you're pretty funny too