Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sew, Sew Busy

We are getting ready for the boys' birthday party. In between making banners

and entertaining these two...

 Speaking of which, I've found that when this lil guy is doing his usual whining,
 I can put Ewok in the backyard and that usually does the trick. Ben likes to knock on the sliding glass door and wave to him. While Ewok HATES this, Ben LOVES it, which gives mommy 10 more minutes to do what I need to do.

But I digress... As I was saying, in between making banners, entertaining children, doctor's appointments, homework, and just keeping up with the demands of a hectic, crazy household, we're sewing some more costumes, oh.. and tablecloths for the neighbors, and making alterations to my cousin's new jacket, and, and, and, haha. I digress again. We are making MORE costumes!!!! 
 This time not for Halloween, just for pretend play throughout the year.
 Any guess on who or what we are making???
 Here's a hint...
  Remember, Megan's favorite princess?
 Why... Princess Tiana of course!
 I jumped for joy when I found this sewing pattern at JoAnn's. I've been looking for this for sew, sew (pun intended) long. It must have just come out because 2 months ago I swear it didn't exist. I wanted Megan to have a Princess Tiana costume but not like the generic ones they sell in stores. I wanted hers to be a lil bit more than just that. Sewwww, with a lil bit of mama's time and effort, and a few minor changes from the one pictured above, Meggies will have a dress to pretend play all year long!
I've finished Emily's gypsy costume and Elizabeth's Dorothy costume too. I still need to post those, don't I?! And I didn't forget to post some video of the cemetery in the front yard, that's coming up soon too. I promise.
Oh, and someone's getting their tonsils out next month...
"Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story." ~Mason Cooley

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  1. Whew you make me tired just reading about all you have to do Christine. Birthday parties, Halloween and everything else you have to do! You should be wearing a cape that says Super MOM!!! Hope the boys enjoy their birthdays,love the beautiful banners you made.
    Hugs & Kisses to all, Lynn XOXO