Wednesday, October 13, 2010

City Parade

A few weekends ago, the girls participated in a city parade with their cheerleading team. It was so much fun to go and watch them march through our city's first parade ever. Ben was just as excited as mommy, can you tell?
He even got Uncle Joseph to smile.
Matthew, Megan, and Mackenzie snuck in a quick jump in the bounce house before the parade started.
Here's Elizabeth and a few of the other cheer girls getting ready for the march.
Sisters & Best Friends... Emily & Elizabeth.
We had front row seats.
Proud Parents.
Three of the cutest kids in the audience.
Entertaining herself by climbing on the bleachers.
Brianna on her way to the starting line.
Another cute picture of Ben- just because it's my blog and I can't get enough of this yummy boy.
Who needs a parade for entertainment when you can climb like a monkey on these bars bleachers.
A rainbow in the sky on the night of the parade. A sign of good luck perhaps?
The high school flag team and band were the first in line. Hearing the live music was a highlight of the evening. Now I'd love to show you pictures of the girls actually marching in the parade. BUT, it turns out that I was so into my screaming, chanting, and cheering them on when they walked by that I completely forgot about the camera sitting on my lap! I was soooo angry with myself. Oh well, it is what it is.

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  1. You guys never sit still!!! The girls looked so pretty & Ben is so handsome!! Love his smile with the teeth showing on the bottom. I could smother his face with kisses.
    You guys are and should be proud parents of such adorable kids!!!!
    Love, Lynn