Monday, October 11, 2010


The title says it all!!! Megan got worse before she got better. Her symptoms were severe enough to require hospitalization. When they told me they were admitting her I was overwhelmed with relief! I felt so helpless; It was such a long, miserable night. No matter what I did or how hard I tried to help her, it just wasn't enough for her. Prior to the day of hospitalization she was crying out in pain all night. Her ears were red, hot, and swollen. She complained of her ankles hurting. They were so swollen that the only relief she got was when I had ice packs on them and her silence only lasted a few moments. If she wasn't crying about her ankles then it was her tummy that was hurting her. She kept burping then crying, burping then crying. Then, she started wheezing. Daddy, mommy, and Megan were all sleep deprived. We ended up in the E.R. again that night and were sent home with Ibuprofen for her joint pain. We got home and maybe rested an hour when she started crying again because of the same symptoms. Her hives weren't any better and the itching was ever so present. By 8 o'clock in the morning we had maybe slept 2 hours total! She started vomiting and wasn't keeping down any food or meds.
We went to her pediatrician's office. Megan had a breathing treatment while her doctor called 911. She got her first ambulance ride and hopefully her last! Several tests were ran and lots of meds were pumped into my little baby. Little by little she improved.I'm overjoyed to have my Meggies feeling normal again. The overnight stay in the hospital was bittersweet. As much as I don't want my baby feeling ill, I enjoyed the alone time I had with her. I was ALL hers and there weren't any siblings competing for mommy's attention. No interuptions. Just quiet time to hold her and rock her and sing to her. It made me fall in love with my little girl all over again.
By morning, she did a complete turnaround. She woke up singing nursery rhymes to herself and talking the nurses' ears off. They fell in love with her too. We learned that she is now allergic to Amoxicillin. The doctor overseeing her care said it was one on of the worst allergic reactions he has ever seen. He called it Serum Sickness. He said that the burping and the tummy aches was because everything she was experiencing on the outside was also going on in the inside of her. In other words, her whole GI tract was swollen too!
Thank you Lord, Jesus for keeping my baby safe!!! Thank you everyone for all of the prayers that were said. Thank you Mimi, Alarick, and Brandon for the big pink bear (Megan named it: Big Pink Bear) and the balloons. She kept telling the nurses that it was her birthday party because she had balloons. Thank you Uncle Rigo and Auntie Aracely for visiting her in the hospital. Thank you Smith's for watching the kids. Thank you mom and Lety for keeping me sane! I have such an amazing support group. Megan smiling waiting to go home.


  1. Thank God for helping Megan to geat better. Oh Christine I can't imagine how helpless you felt with your lil baby girl so sick. I prayed that she would get better real soon & God listened to us. Pls give Megan a great big hug & kiss for me. Love to you all, Lynn

  2. I am so thankful that she is doing so much better. How scary for all of you to have to go through that.

    Kim (from work)