Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Not the Chicken Pox!

Here's Meggie in the ER yesterday, fast asleep from the meds they gave her. Wish they'd give me some extra for the other kids, haha. Megan is much better! After watching her bumps get worse yesterday as the day went on, I started really thinking it WAS chickenpox. Then, after picking up the older kids from school, I noticed her ears were really red and swollen. I could feel the heat coming from them. Soon after she started complaining that she couldn't walk. I took one look at her feet and was horrified at how swollen those were too. I've seen this happen to Brianna before and had a pretty good feeling she was having an allergic reaction. I threw her back into the car and took her to urgent care. They sent us to the emergency room where it was confirmed that that's exactly what was happening. She got a shot of Benadryl and was given an oral steroid. She fell asleep from the Benadryl and didn't wake up til morning! She even got to sleep between mommy and daddy last night! We still aren't sure what caused this because she had nothing out of the ordinary to eat or drink yesterday morning. The Dr in the ER suggested we follow up with her pediatrician and schedule some allergy testing. Thank you everyone for your prayers and concern! Life is good again, at least for the moment :)

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  1. Oh thank God Christine. Poor lil Megan. Pls give her a great big hug & kiss for me and tell her I am praying that she will be feeling better real soon.
    Love, Lynn XOXO