Monday, October 18, 2010

Not Me Monday

I went to Target last week and I bought two jars of spaghetti sauce. I intended on making spaghetti for dinner that night. When packing the car full of kids and groceries, I did NOT accidentally drop my jars of sauce in the parking lot. It did NOT splatter sauce all over me, the car, and the kids! Nope, this did NOT happen. I did NOT pretend like it wasn't me who did it. I did NOT drive away feeling like a stressed out, frazzled mother who wanted to cry all the way home.
I did NOT leave Ben to play on the bathroom floor and dig thru momma's bathroom cabinets just for 20 minutes of peace while I showered. I did NOT get out of the shower to find my beautiful little boy sucking on an open (UNUSED) tampon like it was a lollipop. NO! This did not happen. He did NOT kick and scream when I took his tampon pop away! Not, my Ben.
I did not let Megan and Ben play with a box of Apple Jacks cereal to keep them occupied while mommy blogged her little heart away. This is NOT what they did to the last box of cereal we had left.
I did NOT fall in love with a house down the street and I most certainly did NOT drive by it almost everyday for a month. I did NOT lie awake in bed at night dreaming about how I would decorate each of the kids' bedrooms in this house. Certainly, I did NOT wake up the other day to find that MY HOUSE was sold. I did NOT shed a tear. Nope, not one tear!
We are NOT planning another birthday party right now! Because my lil man will NOT be turning 5 and my precious baby boy will NOT be the big 1 already!!!!


  1. Poor Christine you make me laugh!!! I love reading not me Monday. It sounds like no matter what you did something went wrong. Have faith today is Tuesday & a better day!!! Hang in there it was just a bad Monday for sure!!! Ben & his lollipop what a riot!!!! That's one you will always remember!
    Hugs 7 kisses to all, Lynn

  2. This one is one of my all time favorites!

  3. This isn't convincing me to have kids....

  4. Great pictures. I love your blog about being stressed and dealing with parenting “stuff.”

    Tampon lollipop? Is that child neglect? Nope – it’s creative improvisation

    ~ Dad