Tuesday, July 28, 2009

B-E-N spells Ben

Just like we've done with all of the other kids, we painted some letters to go above the crib so that he can learn to recognize his name from day 1. Matthew had fun helping mommy with this one. We hung them up yesterday. And plan to paint his crib this week, it will be red to coordinate with Matthew's red/blue room. Matthew has shown so much excitement with Ben coming along and sharing his room with him. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about this. I was kind of worried when we first found out Ben was a boy. Worried about how my current little man would handle having another boy around. So far, so good. Perhaps, he doesn't fully understand that once he's here, we can't send him back from where he came! Let's hope that's not the case!
And here's Matthew's side of the room.
Anyone know where I can get another personlized square blue pillow like this one? My OCDness is kicking in and I want everything balanced, if Matthew has one, Ben must also have one. My mom picked this one up at Homegoods when I was pregnant with Matthew. It was just by chance! I hope I get lucky again this time around.

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