Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shade- Slowly but Surely

Dad is still working on his shade cover for over the bbq grill. He's doing it all by himself, amidst watching kids and baking under the 100 degree weather! I'm so proud of him. 3 nights a week he watches the kids so I can finish a class I'm taking; I get home and they are all sound asleep in bed. To help him out a little, I've done a few of the 'manly' chores around here like testing the pool water and adding chemicals and such to it (this is sooo a man's job, I sooo don't know what I'm doing). I really consider us a team and feel that we compliment each other. He's such a good daddy to my 5 1/2 kids and still has the energy to fill the role of husband exceedingly well. Even on days when he comes home grumpy and stressed out from work, I'd still never opt for another partner in this team! Papa B., you're the best. Thank you for being you!

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