Monday, August 3, 2009

The 3 M's- Baptism Day

We baptized Matthew, Megan, and cousin Mackenzie two weeks ago. I had planned on showing you all some beautiful pictures, but, my photographer didn't make it that day (long story). And of course I left my Canon at home because, of course, my photographer was coming. Anyways, I did manage to capture this cute image once we got back home after the ceremony. Mackenzie had already taken off the dress I made for her and Megan is nowhere to be found, so you won't get a glimpse of her gorgeous dress until I can hunt down some of our guests who did have cameras with them.

My dad sent me this one the other day...

If anybody else has any, and if you'd be so kind as to email me with them, I would be forever

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  1. I love this photo of Kenzie & Matthew!!!! Can you send me a copy???? BTW - I will check with my cousin and ask her to look at her camera for pix of that day and forward me some so I can send to you!! Miss you guys!!