Friday, July 24, 2009

Not Me Monday on Friday!

Being Brutally Honest
This post couldn't wait til Monday... Not me, I did NOT wake up at 4am last night to my son squirting me in the face with urine! Nope, not me! I was definitely sound asleep, enjoying my straight, uninterrupted eight hours of sleep. Not me, I did NOT let Matthew and Megan attack the cinnamon Metamucil wafers just so I could get my father's birthday post done! I sense some RUNNY days ahead of me this week! Pray for us! Not me, I did NOT forget about a prenatal dr appt this week. A very important one at that. It was the fasting blood sugar test! Woops, let's hope I'm not diabetic! I did NOT call the dr to reschedule this darn appt for the 3rd time! I did NOT let Megan play with a silly little doll while we were in Target just to keep her quiet. Oh, and I most certainly did NOT realize once we were strapped in the car that I accidentally walked out of Target without paying for the darn thing. I did NOT think that it was just easier to keep the darn thing than to unstrap them, load them back up in the cart, and enter the store with my head hanging low. I did NOT tell myself that I will just reimburse them the next time I'm in there (which is at least twice/wk). It's NOT the first time this has happened and I'm sure it won't be the last! and... I most certainly did NOT get home from school on Tuesday night around 10pm, realize that everyone in the house was asleep, quietly sneak into the freezer, grab the gallon of ice cream and a spoon, walk upstairs, strip off my dress, jump into bed, polish off the rest of the gallon, and fall asleep without the guilt of NOT brushing my teeth! Of course, I would NEVER do that. Lastly, I did NOT console myself by saying aloud before falling into slumber,-- "it's okay, i'm pregnant." No, never! NOT me!!!

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  1. you make me laugh..we need to hang out we are a lot alike:) haha
    p.s. you work and go to school??? how? were do you get your energy??