Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Forf of July

So, I'm almost 3 weeks late on this post. Better late than never. I have a good reason though. I've been busy! I even missed my prenatal dr. appt. yesterday. I totally forgot about it! The kids are back in school (we're on year-round), we're getting the house ready for upcoming parties, planning a camping trip, and with working and school it's hard to find some free time! I'm a dork and like to take family pictures in matching or at least color coordinated clothes every holiday. For the fourth of the July I had bought the whole family these pretty cool flag t-shirts. I wanted to take a picture of all of us together in them. I had to work on that day but I got off pretty early. I rushed home to find everyone in the pool! So much for our group photo! We ended up taking our annual fourth of July family pic just yesterday. I made everyone put on their shirts and march out to the front yard. These are a couple of pics I wanted to share with you on the fourth but like I said, I've been busy. They were taken in May '08 in Big Bear, but are patriotic enough to share now! Crap! Speaking of forgetting appts. I just realized Brianna has an ortho appt in less than an hour! Still gotta get myself, Matthew, and Megan dressed and run to the school to pick up Bri. Let's hope I have enough time to brush MY teeth. Enough blogging for now! I guess this is what my husband means when he complains of me running late everywhere I go!


  1. I am so glad you finally got around to blogging again. I have been waiting for something new to read!

    Love the pictures and the update.

  2. love those pictures! I saw that same sign in big bear and thought that would make a cute pic..great minds think alike:)

  3. Did you?! I had to trespass onto someone's property to get the picture, I prayed the whole time that they wouldn't catch us or if they did that they wouldn't mind! We got away without getting caught. I think you're safe the next time you're up there, try it. If we're there too, I'll be your lookout! Hehe. Yes, we are A LOT alike!