Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Papa!

Tomorrow is Grandpa's (mom's dad) birthday. Happy Birthday, Papa! We couldn't ask for a better, more hands on grandpa in all the world! Here is your birthday poem:
Grandpa Gets Better with Age
We know for sure
You're one of a kind
Another grandpa like you
Would be so hard to find.
You take us on Mexico cruises
and to an occasional movie
You blow us bubbles on Easter
which proves you're groovy.
Don't forget the piano recitals
and the trips to Big Bear
You give us pep talks
when 'life isn't fair.'
Your genuine concern
in what we have to say
can be seen from afar
and it makes our day!
Paying for Thomas the train
or even a live petting zoo
a birthday here is never the same
and it's all because of you
You've been in hospital rooms galore
from elbow surgeries
to waiting for grandbabies--- more, more, more.
Encouraging us to go for a run or even 'uncomfortably' holding another grandchild-- the newest one You prefer us older and wiser wayyy past the baby stage and we feel the same about you cuz Grandpa, ... You get better with age!

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