Monday, December 6, 2010

Grand Canyon Or Bust...

A surprise trip to the Grand Canyon and the Polar Express was just what we needed to get into the Christmas spirit. We had the trip planned for a few short weeks and surprised the kids early one morning by waking them up and having them get into the fully packed van. They thought we were going to the store. But after one hour turned into two and two turned into three, they eventually got the idea that this was no quick trip. But with Sir Speedy daddy at the wheel, we did get there in about 5 hours. Here are the kids outside the cabin we stayed in. We made good friends with the grandchildless lady in the campground office (who fell in love with all the kids) and the maintenance worker who had to fix the doorknob that mommy broke and the heater that Megan broke. Speaking of heaters.... the last night we were there was 14 degrees and windy! But I digress. By the end of the weekend they felt like family to us!  

After checking out our cabin we headed on over to a new attraction in Williams, Az. Bearizona! The kids love animals so this was probably more memorable than the hole in the ground we call the Grand Canyon! But I'll pretend that's not the case!

Sunday morning when we woke up and opened the cabin door, we found a blanket of white snow had fallen while we slept. How exciting that was for all of us! We hopped in the van and headed on over to check out the Grand Canyon. I couldn't wait for Elizabeth to see it because not too long ago she did a report about it and even made a life-like model. She asked me afterwards when and if we would ever take her there, so I was excited to see her reaction. But after watching this video, I think Emily enjoyed it more!

It started snowing on us. Can you see the snowflakes in this pic of Ben?
I'd like to show you pics of the Polar Express Train ride but we didn't bring the camera with the built in flash. But, maybe it's better that way. Better left to your imagination. Better left to what only your brain brings to life when I describe how truly phenomenal it was. Because I honestly don't think that any pics we could have taken would do it justice. It's something that had to be lived and experienced by you alone. If I had to describe it, I'd say that it was like the book and movie- The Polar Express - come to life. It felt like the train took us to another world. Take your most favorite, cherished childish dream, and imagine it REAL. Imagine it really coming to life. Imagine walking through it and smelling the cookies that were baked and the hot cocoa sipped just like in the movie. Imagine feeling and touching the snow, moments before boarding the train. The same white snow that lies miles ahead in the "North Pole". Imagine wiping the vapor on the windows of the train to get a clearer picture of Santa standing there waving back at you as he held is belly and yelled out in his deepest, happiest, "ho, ho, ho." Cause that's what happened to us that night. I think I can speak for bothy daddy and I when I say that even we felt like little kids again. Kids that woke up in the middle of the night and boarded a train full of mystery and powers unimaginable. I'm so very glad that daddy and I  our kids got to experience this. I hope it preserves their innocence, stirs up their imagination, sustains their Christmas spirits, encourages them to believe in magic, and curbs their desires to want to grow up and be adults. I was a kid again if only for a mere 55 minutes. Sigh....
If I could use only 1 word to describe this whole trip, it would be ~MAGICAL~.

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  1. I could hardly wait to see and read this journal! What beautiful pictures of everyone and the canyon is breath taking! I love the picture of Ben with his chubby cheeks and tiny teeth showing! It sounds to me like you all had a very enjoyable, magicsl adventure, and what better time than Christmas!!! Hugs & kisses to all!
    Love, Lynn