Friday, December 17, 2010

Do You See What I See?

It didn't finally hit me until earlier this week when I was face to face with my mother listening to her talk about whatever it was she was talking about at that moment. But, I was soooo relieved when I finally figured it out because it was truly driving me mad! Finally, I solved the puzzle as to who the future Princess, Kate Middleton, reminds me of.

She's a younger version of my mother!!! I see it! Do you?

(By the way, I just LOVE these older pics of my mom. They bring a smile to my face.
She looks so happy and carefree. And her clothes are sooo hip and vintage.)
In the middle of our conversation, I yelled out, "It's YOU!", that's who she reminds me of. "You have a very strong resemblance to Kate Middleton!"

It was bugging me but I finally figured it out.
She laughed at me; doesn't agree at all. But check it out for yourself. Here are some pics of my mother around the same age. Call me crazy, but I really see it. Do you see what I see?

Well, I say... if Kate Middleton wants to know what she'll look like when she becomes a Nana one day, someone please direct her over to this here blog, will ya?!

On a side note.... There's a horrible stomach flu working its way through our family. It started with Emily, then me. Megan was next, then Ben. Matthew had it 2 days ago. Today, I got a text from Sarah who babysat on Wednesday. Guess who she's kissing today? It's not Ryan. It's the same object Brianna and Elizabeth are listening to their echos yelling back at them from while their faces are planted in it. THE TOILET BOWL. What's worse, Nana was babysitting!!! Sorry Nana! If you deserve any title at all, it's definitely NOT the future princess. Instead... we crown you Queen. Queen Nana of the Sickies. You will always have a throne to sit on in this house. (And I don't mean the toilet, But yes, there's that too!) That's way better than some odd nobody chic, getting lucky and striking it filthy rich by marrying some Prince. Pshhh!!! Puulllease. Who needs the Prince of Wales when you could have these six kids to clean up after! Queen Nana is totally more honorable than a prince's wife! The Future Princess, Kate Middleton, has nothing on you!!! 

Oh, and daddy is the ONLY one in this house who has not gotten sick! Something tells me he may be the next victim! 
(cue the music....DUN. DUN. DUN!!! )

To Be Continued...


  1. OMG Christine I agree your Mom does look like Kate. Geez I hope you guys start to feel better soon. I myself have a bad cold & hope to start feeling better soon. I love the Christmas background its so festive. Give the kids a great big hug & kiss from me and tell them all I hope they will feel better real soon. After all Christmas is coming & so is Santa!
    Love, Lynn

  2. I totally see it! Kate Middleton (and your mom) are beautiful.

  3. Ya thanks for that early Christmas gift. I say we go out and get your mom some of those clothes to wear...