Thursday, November 18, 2010

Emily Update and Halloween Videos

Emily's surgery was a breeze for her and mommy. Thanks everyone for your prayers and support. Thanks to Nana and Nina for holding down the fort and Uncle Joseph for keeping mom and dad company at the hospital. I've never seen a child so excited to undergo a surgical procedure, but Emily was. Perhaps it was because she was the focus of attention for the day. It was HER day. While driving to the hospital, I glanced over at her expecting to see some signs of nervousness, rather, she was applying lip gloss and checking herself out in the mirror. She was totally "getting ready" for the doctors. I sometimes wonder where this child came from because I rarely wear makeup and I'm perfectly happy wearing jeans, an old t-shirt and my Vans. But Emily loves being all glammed out. I love that about her!
She is recovering nicely. In fact, she's doing so amazing that I'm starting to think they didn't really take out the tonsils or adenoids! She had a very loose tooth right before surgery, when she woke up after surgery she found her tooth in a container sitting next to her pillow. Also, inside the container was a dollar. I guess the tooth fairy can fly into operating rooms too! We are thanking Jesus that she is doing as well as she is. She even made it to cheer practice today!
 The kids are in bed and before I join them, I thought I'd post 2 quick videos from Halloween.I don't want to move on to another holiday without completing my Halloween posts.

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  1. Loved the birthday & Halloween videos! Great job as usual Miguel. I also thank God Emily is fine and what a riot the Tooth Fairy came to her while in the hospital!!! Hugs & kisses to all, Love Lynn