Monday, May 31, 2010

Our Family is Growing, AGAIN!!!!

Or an alternate title: We Adopted!!!! A few weeks ago we set off to the nearby newly renovated animal shelter, "just to look" of course. But, then we found the little critter area. And before we knew it we were signing adoption papers. Yup, just like that! Here we are waiting patiently and on our best behavior for mom and dad to inquire about our new little friend.

Emily is holding up our certificate of adoption! He cost us a whole $5!

Matthew is just a little excited!

And just like that our family grew. Here's our newest addition.
He still doesn't have a name, we just call him 'Turtle'. Any suggestions? The kids are enjoying him and he's enjoying the yard. Sometimes he disappears for days, possibly hiding from Ewok. Ewok still hasn't figured out just what exactly he is. He likes to walk around with him in his mouth and move him from spot to spot.
Sorry for the teaser :) I had you there for a second, didn't I??? Hehe

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  1. Wow you had me there for a second Christine! The kids look so excited with their new pet! I am sure they will come up with a really cute name for their lil turtle! Hugs & kisses to all! Lynn