Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Matthew's Mommy

Apparently, Matthew has another mommy that I don't know about! His preschool teacher had him do a few Mother's Day activities in class to surprise mommy with. She asked him a few questions about his mommy and recorded his answers. Does Miguel have a girlfriend I don't know about cuz this doesn't describe me?! His answers are in red. MY MOM HAS black HAIR, AND blue EYES. SHE IS 15 YEARS OLD. HER FAVORITE FOOD IS rice. FOR FUN MY MOM LIKES TO go to work. I LOVE MY MOM BECAUSE she loves me. LOVE, matthew. Ummm, OKAY! Wish I could have seen the teacher's face when he told her that I was 15!!!! Haha.

1 comment:

  1. What imaginations these kids have now a days!! I too would be questioning Miguel ( LOL)!!! Just think Christine if Matthew thinks you look like you are 15 I say good for you after 6 kids!!!!! Strut your stuff girlfriend!!!
    Hugs & Kisses to all Lynn