Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Hidden Talent No More

Our ten year wedding anniversary is fast approaching. To document this BIG year, I wanted a little photoshoot of the two of us. But being on the budget that we're on, I was reluctant to spend money on it. So, what's a poor mother of six children to do???

Funny you should ask. I did what any budget minded mother with six kids would do. I gathered up the rugrats, handed the camera to the oldest and directed the younger ones to drag the porch rockers to the middle of the street, of course!!!

And by the looks of the photos, I think we've found one of Brianna's hidden talents!

 We played with the editig a little bit to get a different feeling from each one.

 Good Job, Bri. I am quite pleased and the best part is.

 It was FREE!!!

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