Monday, February 27, 2012

The plague, Big Bear, Happy Bday Elizabeth

Two weeks ago, I thought I was gonna die. Okay, maybe I'm being a little dramatic. You know what?! I'm NOT being dramatic in the least! I had pneumonia and I swear I thought death was right around the corner! And to top that...four out of six of the kids were also sick w/ coughs and fevers as high as 102 degrees. Thank God for my Nina who graciously took the 2 healthy ones out of the house for the weekend.

When mommy is sick, the whole house suffers. I do have to say that I was in good hands thanks to my wonderful husband who has an immune system as strong as steel. My mom and dad (Nana & Papa) timed their vacation to the Bahamas ever so perfectly with the Black Plague happening at the Mejia home! But I guess they are allowed a break too every now and then. LOL.

I've just realized that I haven't posted any pics from our Big Bear trip in Jan., so here's a few....

Brianna was happy to have her friend Ariel tag along on this trip.
We took them cosmic bowling and left the little ones at home with Nana.

On the way up the mountain, Megan got carsick. On the way down, Both Megan and Ben were puking! What fun!

This was a fun trip cuz we also got to spend some time with our cousin Jake who also came up with us. This is one of Bri's fave cousins. They are only a day apart. He likes to remind Bri that he's the older one!

Miguel and I were 'cool' parents that night and taught these older kids how to
have some 'real' fun! We drove around the mountain throwing pine cones at people's
houses and cars. They had a blast! Embarrassingly, we did too! 

They paid for it later though. All three of them got splinters from the pinecones!
Can anyone say... Karma?!

At the beginning of Feb. we celebrated Elizabeth's 10th birthday. My sweet lil girl is now in the
double digits! Daddy and I took her and a friend horse back riding. Then we had a pizza dinner and cake. It was a beautiful day spent with a beautiful girl.

And here comes the month of March... where we'll celebrate daddy's bday and Brianna's bday. It is fast approaching. Wish life would slow down just a little bit!

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  1. Happy you are feeling much betterChristine!!!! Sounds like you guys had alot of fun at Big Bear!!! Happy Belated 10th Birthday Elizabeth. Wow horse back riding what a lucky girl!!! Hope all the Mejia's stay healthy! Hugs & kisses to all Aunt Lynn XOXO