Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Nursery Reveal- Part 3

So here are the final pics...

Our 'little project' for the room was this ruler above. It's actually a growth chart but went so
well with her construction theme, it almost felt 'meant to be'. Click here to learn how we made it. This project cost just under $10. I liked it so much that I made one for my kids too!

Oh, not sure if I mentioned the white paint for the Board and Batten wall and the crown molding. That cost us about $25 for a gallon.

 The construction hard hat was $1 from the dollar store. The construction vest was from
Ikea and I believe it was around $5. There's a Do Not Enter sign on the wall that I purchased from
Ross Dress for Less for $3.

Here's the quote that's above his crib. I fell in love with it when I first saw it and immediately
knew it MUST go in that room. This cost $30 from an online store.
Below are pictures I took from the bedding. I then went to Photoshop and created a
watercolor painting look for each of them. I printed them out at Target for $13. I believe the frames were about $5 each.

The hooks that are holding the above items was purchased from Jo-Ann's and cost $14.00. It was unstained so I spray painted it blue to match the bedding.

I absolutely love his name project. Obviously, his name is Eli. That lil project cost about $27 NOT including spraypaint. The wooden arch above his name was from TJ MAXX for $18. It matched perfectly and again I felt it was 'meant to be' in the room as soon as I saw it.

See the blue scalloped bin holding his lotions and wipes sitting on the changing table?
That used to be white. I painted it blue. I paid $3 for that from my favorite thrift store.

We ended up (so last minute) hanging 2 light sconces purchased from Lowe's on either side of the quote. I believe those were about $15 each.

A pic of us just for kicks and giggles. lol.

In the pic below, you can see the window mouldings Miguel did ($15.00) and that bookshelf
we purchased from Target for $50. This was one of my favorite parts of the room because
it has lots of 'boy' stuff on it.

Like these baseballs. The bin is from TJ Maxx $7. The baseballs were purchased from my favorite
thrift store for $1/ball. Don't worry, I lysol'd them. I was careful not to scrub them though, I liked that
rough and tough, dirty look to them. It screams 'little boy'.

The orange bin that you can barely see holds all of his shoes ($2- another thrift store find). The
little monopoly car was once a pewter color and we spray painted in oil rubbed bronze ($10 with paint).

We threw in 3 baskets that were spray painted brown ($7/basket) and I found these
cute little chalkboards from Michael's that we hot glued to the front of each basket ($3) to get
the Pottery Barn look going.

We also placed the start of his book collection onto the shelf so that mommy can read to him each night. The furniture was already purchased as was the babies bedding. I believe the bedding is from Babies R' Us. That's basically the room in it's entirety and the breakdown of costs (we came in just under $400). I LOVE decorating rooms on a budget. It was definitely a fun project and I'm so honored to have been a part of it.

Baby Eli, I hope you enjoy your room as much as I did working on it!!!

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  1. The nursery is adorable I love it!!!! I love the quote also and what a beautiful name Eli!!!!You guys did a great job and I love the growth chart and I will attemp to make one for my goddaughter's baby!!! You Mejia's are sooo talented and i do believe that you can do anything you set your minds to do, you guys are the proof!!! Love, Aunt Lynn XOXO