Thursday, September 15, 2011


Wow!!! Two posts in one week! Aren't you feeln' special?!

We are still waiting for our letters from Africa. I passed the real estate exam. It took me TWO tries just because I thought I was too cool to study the first time around (learn from mom, kids. Don't be a loser. Study for your tests!!!!); but let's just say I passed the first time! It makes me feel better! LOL.  I had lunch with my husband, my mom, and my 2 brothers the other day. Life is busy and chaotic; we NEVER make time to just 'hang out'. It was really nice and I think we should do it more often.

Miguel's mom was in the hospital recently with abdominal pain. But she's doing much better now! And is learning how to take things easy for a change.

The kids are 'in the groove' of school. Are extracurricular activities right now consist of karate (Matthew), cooking classes (Elizabeth & Emily), and piano again (Brianna & Elizabeth). I'm thinking of putting Megan in preschool 2 days a week.

We haven't had any lemonade stands recently, but the last time we did, we finally got to use the Thrift Store Pillowcase turned Apron! Or should I say, Pillowcase turned 2 Aprons!


  1. Congratulations Christine! Can you pls come to CT and sell my Mom's house for me? I am looking for a nice couple with kids to carry on all the happy memories I have in my heart from when I was a child growing up there! Good for you and you are right we have to be examples for our kids to follow! Congratulations again!!!

  2. Yes we have do lunch again I really enjoyed having all my kids there Thank you again Christine for setting it up love you

  3. Lynn, I'd LOVE to sell it!!!!!! I just can't get enough of my houses!

    But that's soooooo cool, you're living in the same house you grew up in. How neat is that!