Monday, February 14, 2011

Vivian on Valentine's Day

My sister in law called me up and asked me to shoot a few pics of my niece, Vivian. Knowing that Vivian is much like Emily and loves clothes, fashion, and shopping.... what better place to take her than Victoria Gardens (an outdoor mall)! Here are my favorite shots of the day...


  1. Great shots Christine! Vivan is adorable and her personality really shows in the photos you took of her! She is trully a girly-girl who loves to shop & pose!!! Love, Lynn

  2. Love you and praying for you at this time in your life. Would enjoy seeing you guys one of these years, haha, but seriously, when you are ready to hang, let me know so we can plan. Take care my friend!


  3. Oh my dear mama majia. It makes me sad to see you in such distress about your job, our job. I know you are going through something and I'm so glad you are talking to someone who is helping you.
    I'm so glad to see you blogging again. As you said, being a mommy is your first and most important job. It isn't a job really, it is what makes you you. Being a mommy is what makes you truly happy. Sometimes sad but all it takes is a smile or a kiss from one of your beautiful children to make everything OK again.
    I wish we could reverse time and that you never had to live through that sad, terrible call. However, as we both know it isn't possible.
    I hope you know that I not only consider you my work partner but my friend. And if there is anything I can do to help you move on and leave work at work please just tell me and I'll be there for you.
    See you at work Friday. Oh and I'll have lunch for you. :) Be well my friend.