Monday, February 28, 2011

Ten Stitches Are Plenty. Ten Stitches Too Many.

Can you guess where DangerBoy spent last Friday morning? No, he wasn't in the street, or in a boat, not out in the heat. He wasn't in a museum, not even in an arboretum.


"What's that? You think he was in a hospital?!"

"Silly readers, what ever would make you think that?!"

I'm embarassed to admit it, but you are right!!! And so the saga continues...

One Friday morning, while momma was at work and ahem* daddy* was in charge, DangerBoy decided that his recent battle wound was looking a little small. It just wasn't the size he wanted it to be. He wanted one much bigger and more dangerous-looking. And so he thought. And he plotted. He waited ever so patiently for the moment to make his move. Moments later, daddy started getting ready for the day. Daddy showered, changed his clothes, and began to shave his face. DangerBoy knew his moment was fast approaching. He excitedly studied his momma's bedroom for the biggest piece of furniture he could climb.

Hmmmmm..... he thought.

"What could I jump on that would bring me the most delight?"
"Daddy's dresser? No, that was too hard."
"Mama's nighstand? No, too square."
"The Big Soft Bed in the middle of the room? Yes, that would be juuuuuust right!"

So DangerBoy climbed the bed. He climbed and climbed all morning long. His daddy took him down several times. But DangerBoy would get right back up on that big mountain of down comforter. It was just too tempting not to. Daddy was getting frustrated and he yelled at DangerBoy to stay off. His daddy's arms were soooo tired of taking DangerBoy off the bed that he finally just gave up altogether. That's when Dangerboy seized the opportunity to climb once more onto that big, brown bed. He climbed up all the way to the highest pillow and when he got there he took one long look at his daddy in the bathroom and flashed him the biggest smile he could. He was quite proud of himself for getting all the way up there. He was even more proud of the fact that he technically outlasted daddy and won the war to keep the baby off the bed. But that only lasted for so long because we all know Dangerboy and how quickly he gets bored. Not a minute later he decided JUMPING would be much more fun than climbing and even more fun than torturing daddy with his mischeivous grin. So Dangerboy JUMPED up. And Dangerboy JUMPED down. He giggled and giggled and tumbled and tumbled and JUMPED and JUMPED. And just when he couldn't jump anymore, his big sister climbed up and joined in on the fun. Now, there were two little monkeys siblings jumping on the bed!

Go ahead. Sing it. You know you want to!

Two Little Siblings Monkeys Jumping on the Bed...
(Come on.You know the words.)
One falls off and bumps his head.
Daddy calls the Dr. and the Dr. says...
"Three More Stiches On Ben's Head."

When daddy heard the THUD he figured it was probably just the average everyday boo-boo for Ben. What's new? It was the sight of blood dripping down Dangerboy's nose that caught daddy's attention. He cleaned up DangerBoy's face and was horrified to see that he had split open the same wound from his adventure at Knott's. Daddy rushed poor junior off to the Dr. His momma left work and met the boys there. The kind doctor worked his magic on little Dangerboy's face. He consoled the boy's parents and reminded them that 'boys will be boys.' 

The doctor's words didn't do much to make his mommy feel happy. Although her son got his wish; his daddy felt crappy. Ben's wound is now bigger than ever before. His once 7 stitches turned into 3 more! 

Ten stitches are plenty. Ten Stitches too many.


  1. OMG Christine stitches again for that dare-devil Danger-Boy!!! Ben Ben your poor little face 3 more stitches!!! UGGHHHHHH!!!! Mommy & Daddy are going to have to put you in a bubble until you hopefully out grow your antics!!! Poor Miguel he must feel awful but the doctor is right boys will be boys!!! Give all the kids a hug and kiss for me!Can't wait for my co-workers to come in another story to tell during lunch! Can you hear the ahhhs & ohhs and laughing knowing that Ben's misfortune made for another good blog!!! Love, Lynn

  2. We were singing today at lunch did you hear us??? Two lil monkeys and laughing so much. I think personnell will be calling us in later to discuss our outbursts and singing!!! They don't know about the Mejia family so I will have to fill them in and they may want to join us at lunch for updates also. Thanks again for making us laugh and everyone here sends there love & kisses to Ben ooops sorry Danger-Boy They also thought Ewok was adorable. I may have to put your pictures on a slide presentation!!! Showings at lunch and breaktime!!!! LOL!!!! Love Lynn