Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm 7 Now!

You're looking at a 7 year old in this pic!
Emily turned 7 at the beginning of September and she wanted a Taylor Swift party and so that's what we did. We also had a "movies in the park" theme that we went with.Daddy brought the movie projector down from the movie room and put it in the front yard. The kids watched Hannah Montana the Movie since that's the only movie I could think of that Taylor Swift plays in. We also rented a hot dog machine and cotton candy machine. Ben got his first taste of that stuff. He had a fit when he realized he ate it all. Daddy brought his popcorn machine outside and we had a blast! The older girls put makeup on the younger ones.Nana was a server, too.Happy Birthday Beautiful, Emily!

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  1. I'll take a hot dog,cotton candy & of course some popcorn too!!! Wow what a great 7th Birthday party you had Emily!!! Your Mom is right you are beautiful. Happy Belated Birthday! Hugs & kisses to all, Lynn XOXO