Monday, September 13, 2010


I've been a slacker lately when it comes to blogging, but the good news is I am about 2 weeks away from completing all my required real estate classes in order to take the exam. We've also recently celebrated Emily's 7th birthday and snuck in a weekend to Big Bear. But today's post is about Disneyland! We started our day eating at the Rainforest Cafe in downtown disney. This was the first time to Disneyland for both Megan and Ben. Matthew has been there kinda recently with his Aunt Jane and Uncle Joseph. We had a great time and got to visit Uncle Peter, oops I mean Uncle Mikey. Megan is obsessed with Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog (I think I secretly am too, just because she sort of represents some cultural roots for my fam) so we BOTH enjoyed this one on one time with her. And who doesn't love Tink?!
This is from the very realistic Nemo ride. Very cool.

And this last pic is just because you know me when it comes to anything houses or house design. This is on one of the walls at Dland right near the entrance. It is my inspiration pic of what Miguel and I are planning on doing on an empty stone wall in our front yard. Except, mine will be better because it will be a climbing rose vine. White roses. Lately, I've fallen in love with white roses.

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  1. Boy you guys sure get around alot, looks like everyone had fun at Disney & I also love Tink too!!! Happy Belated Birthday Emily! Hugs & kisses to all! Love , Lynn