Friday, September 10, 2010

Family Pics- Soliciting for help!

Dear Reader: Because our family has grown by two feet since our last family photo session I felt it was time for an updated family pic And because of that I now have a BIG problem and I could use your help! My photographer is soooo good at what she does that I don't know which picture is my favorite. I need to pic just 1 nice one out of the 400 images she took so I can enlarge it and put it on a wall in the house which should I choose???? Here are a FEW (and I mean that ever so sarcastically) of my favorite ones Be a pal and please help me out
because I'm so indecisive Which do you prefer?

With much appreciation,

Christine :)

Thanks Angel, You are amazing!


  1. oh my gosh Christine, your pics made me tear up. (no, I'm not preg, but kind of wishing I was:)) Your family is beautifulllllllll. You are so blessed! I wish I could help you in picking but they are all fab. hope to get together. email me so we can set up a night. maybe pizza so our husbands can meet too???

  2. Buy them all and cover your walls with them. How can you choose only one with all those great pictures.

    Your Dad

  3. They're all great, but to pick one, the one of you all, with Megan on ur lap is the one to frame. But wow, I love the big tree one too (but we cant really see the fam, so thats why I didnt pick that one).

  4. I like number 13 and 17 down but I expect one of the whole family in a frame for Christmas. I love them all she sure got alot of great shots of all of you. Love Mom

  5. I also like all of them Christine. I love the one of you & Miguel how romantic!! I can see your dilemma about picking one!!! The family shots came out real nice. Hugs & kisses to all!! Lynn

  6. You guys are too cute...that's why I had to take so many! ;) my favs on the site

  7. my favs are the second from the top,the one of daddy throwing Ben up and the one before it. I also love the last one.


  8. Love your family portraits! You have a beautiful family. My favorite is the one of all of you together at the base of the giant tree.