Saturday, June 27, 2009

What's in a Name?

I said I'd announce our little guy's name, so without further ado, his name will be....
Benjamin means: "Son of my Right Hand." (I love it) We will call him, Ben. And because you all know how much I LOVE to watch you suffer make you wait, his middle name will be a surprise and will not be announced until he arrives! I will be nice enough to give you a hint though. It's not any name Miguel and I were originally considering going with AND (ok, 2 hints) I promise you, you'll never guess it! Okay, so those aren't good hints, but it sure works to keep you guessing, doesn't it! Remember: Patience is a Virtue! And just for the sake of baby names and meanings, here are our other kids names/meanings: Brianna: High, Noble Elizabeth: God is my Oath Emily: To Strive, Excel, or Rival Matthew: Gift of God Megan: Pearl Hmmm, I wonder if those meanings have any indication of/bearing on their personalities.... What do you think? Oh, and in case you were wondering what middle names we were considering, these are a few we really, really liked: Luke, Ethan, Michael, James

1 comment:

  1. HHmmm, I think you will name him Ben Robert or Ben George. These sound like nice strong names to me. :)