Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Peeing in Peace

Older kids are in school, Sesame Street is babysitting the younger two (thank God for the creator of Elmo), now's my chance to finally pee in peace.... or so I thought. No more than two seconds later they know I'm missing and hunt me down.
So much for ten seconds of peace! Matthew and Megan hop into the 'just cleaned' shower and proceed to make funny faces for mommy on my 'just cleaned' shower glass door. Argh!!!
Instead of yelling, like I wanted to, I laughed. Because who wouldn't laugh at those two cute piggy noses. So what if I did spent half my day off cleaning the house! I guess those dirty handprints will just have to stay there because despite my efforts to clean, they just keep reappearing. Each time I feel myself starting to get upset, I have to remind myself that one day I'll do just about anything to see those sticky fingerprints just one more time. Until then... I have no choice but to sit back (on the toilet) and enjoy the show they're putting on for me, oh and run as fast as I can to get my camera when I'm done peeing.

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