Sunday, June 28, 2009

1st Grade- Here I Come!

Our lil Emily has been promoted to the big 1st grade. Do you know what that means?! That means she goes to school ALL day! Darn, what am I going to do with myself ALL day?! I'm sure I'll think of something, like maybe napping (yeah, right)! So with the arrival of Ben, I will have 3 kids in school and 3 lil ones at home. Yes, my hands are full, but as I like to say, better full than empty!
These are Emily's greatest fans, they had front row seats.
Matthew + Cousin Kenzie = Double Trouble
Here's Emily, proudly showing off her first award.
The teacher chose Emily out of all the kids to lead the audience in a flag salute. She couldn't have picked a better kid. Emily was quite the leader! Her voice was loud and proud! And of course, a picture with her Kinder teacher. I'm sure this teacher is looking forward to a little break from this Mejia kid. But no worries, we'll be sending her another one soon.
Brianna also received an award on the same day. I haven't downloaded those pics yet. I'll post them when I do.

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