Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Paying the Price

Yes, I know I'm the one who wanted all these kids. And yes, I've heard how expensive it will be to raise them, however... I was NOT prepared for the total of yesterday's Costco trip.
So, what exactly does a trip to Costco cost one who has bare-naked cabinets, an empty fridge, and almost 6 kids???
$796.and some change
Okay, that was including a $100 renewal fee for the Costco membership. Subtract that and we actually spent $696.00. That's still a whole crap load of change!
Yikes! Scary, huh?!
I'm not complaining, just venting!


  1. Holy crud! :) I guess I won't complain when my Sam's club bill comes to over $100! hehe...

  2. Ok the question is... Is this weekly or monthly? lol

  3. Loni, well... we hadn't been in awhile and usually if we keep at it on a normal monthly basis it's approximately an average of $300 each time. I'm hoping everything will last us about 2 months this time around! But, we'll see. Scary, huh?