Monday, February 2, 2009

But I'm the Boy

Last night I had put the girls to bed early as it was a school night. Matthew was next. He's spoiled and still sometimes sleeps with mom and dad. As I was tucking him into our bed last night: Mommy: Bubba, get in bed. Matthew: Can I watch cartoons in bed? Mommy: Okay, fine. (After thinking about it, I changed my mind and didn't put cartoons on. Rather, I looked for one of my favorite shows) Matthew: Momma, you said I can watch cartoons. Mommy: No Bubba, it's kinda late. You can watch cartoons in the morning. Matthew: Please, Momma! Mommy: No, Bubba. Matthew: But mommy, I'm the boy! Mommy: What did you say? (Did he really just say that?!) Matthew: I'm the boy- so can I watch cartoons? Mommy: Yes, you are the boy! Boys are cool, huh? Matthew: Yeah! And girls are pretty. Mommy: Okay, what cartoon do you want?

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